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Greek Varieties

Santo Wines Nykteri 2020
RP '15
D '19
Silver (92)
Brand: Santo Wines
Warm yellow color and aromas of lemon, butter and syrup. Round, large mouth with sharp acidity balanced by the heat of alcohol render. Long lemony aftertaste...
19.00€ 19.70€
Ex Tax:15.32€
Golden-yellow color and a soft mouth, that create a bouquet of citrus, fresh fruits and lemon flower. Long and pleasant aftertaste...
9.40€ 9.70€
Ex Tax:7.58€
The new label by Petrakopoulos winery comes from Hilovrachos in Lakouditsa. The wine comes from pre-phylloxera drying vineyards and the varieties that are co-cultivated are Zakynthino and Moschatella. Zakynthino is partially sun-dried and Moschatella is vinified in new oak barrels of French origin.&..
41.40€ 45.00€
Ex Tax:33.39€
Diamantakis Diamantopetra White 2019
D '14
A wonderful blend of two of the most dynamic, insular varieties that highlight their characteristics in perfect balance, framed by the caress of the barrel. Soft aromas of tropical fruit, unripe grapes, tea leaves and orange zest, elegantly tie with delicate hints of vanilla and nuts. The mouthfeel ..
11.70€ 12.00€
Ex Tax:9.44€
Vriniotis Methea White 2020
RP '18
Yellowish color with grayish hues and delicate aromas with lemon peel and fresh fruits in a background of aromatic herbs and jasmine. Moderate volume and elegant mouthsense with lively acidity that gives raciness. The aftertaste is filled with the aromas of the nose...
6.60€ 6.70€
Ex Tax:5.32€
Sclavos Efranor 2020
Out Of Stock
Lemon yellow color aromas of ripe citrus aromas, roses and almond notes. Balanced mouthsense where the aromas are tasted and a good lasting finish...
11.20€ 11.50€
Ex Tax:9.03€
On the face we find a wine with a bright lemon color. The nose is characterized by aromas of citrus, pear, apricot, banana, with floral notes following. Moderate body on the palate, with lively acidity and good aftertaste...
5.20€ 6.10€
Ex Tax:4.19€
Bright pale yellow color with greenish hues and high intensity aromas with emphasis on citrus, rose and lemon. Lightweight body and pleasant acidity in perfect balance...
5.92€ 6.12€
Ex Tax:4.78€
Papargyriou Blanc Moschoudi-Assyrtiko 2020 Wild Ferment
RP '17
Bright yellow color, in a blend where Moschoudi signs with its typical aromas of rose, lukumi, quince and mint, with hints of tea and pineapple. Mouth with a pretty good volume, crispy acidity and aromatic aftertaste...
11.50€ 11.90€
Ex Tax:9.27€
Estate Dio Ipsi Dialogos White 2020
D '19
Gold (96)
The very successful blend of Christos Kokkalis, launched with the MoVa label, has changed  name and appearance. The wine is now called Dialogos and the Estate in Ilia Peloponnese "Dyo Ipsi" (meaning Two Heights). The new estate was named after the special topography of its vineyard, characterized by..
12.50€ 12.80€
Ex Tax:10.08€
Zacharioudakis organic wines have gained a lot of attention since they seem to optimally express Cretan terroir, showing its characteristics in both the white and red vinification. This wine has a strong floral character due to Malvasia di Candia that combined with the vegetativeness of Vilana compo..
Ex Tax:5.97€
Light yellowish bright color and nose with gentle fruity aromas like ripe citrus notes, white flowers, tea leaves and fresh almond. Raciness on the palate due to good acidity, well structured with fruity aftertaste...
Ex Tax:15.24€
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