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On Crete there are few families who are not involved in wine making. For the inhabitants of the island wine has been, and will remain, the most valuable among the products that the Cretan soil offers. Brought up in this environment, the founders of Lyrarakis Estate decided, in 1966, to professionally deal with the production of wine. In 1966, they founded the company under the name of ALAGNIOS WINERY-LYRARAKIS BROS & A. PAVLAKIS G.P.. It operated under this form until 1977, when it was converted to S.A. under the name of G.E.A. S.A. AGRICULTURAL ENTERPRISES OF ALAGNIO. The family has, also, planted vineyards with some of the highest quality local wine varieties, namely the white Vilana, and the red ones, Kotsifali and Mandilaria. The vineyard planted with Vilana constituted a sypplying center for the rest area with tendrils for self rooting plants. Later, with the appearance of phylloxera, it provided the cooperation and the private nurseries of the island with Vilana εμβόλια.
Lyrarakis Wines Kotsifali 2020
RP '13
JR '16
D '14
Classic red color with aromas of spices and red fruits. Soft mouthfeel with spicy aftertaste...
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Lyrarakis Wines Vidiano Ippodromos 2021
RP '19
JR '17
White with gold tones and nose with intriguing aromatic intensity, composed of a variety of scents like white flowers, lemon zest, pineapple, apricot and hints of vanilla and tobacco. Well-structured palate, with rich and nice balance, and finish with durability and bold barrel characters...
19.40€ 19.80€
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Lyrarakis Wines Vilana Pirovolikes 2020
RP '18
JR '17
D '16
Commended (83)
Medium yellow color with glints of gold at the edges. Intense aromas of wild flowers, luscious pears with light notes of mastiha. Unique velvety taste with a refreshing long finish...
19.40€ 19.80€
Ex Tax:15.65€
A wine with white-yellow color, with some greenish hues to make their appearance. The nose is extroverted, with aromas of melon, mango, apricot starring, with citrus and almond notes complementing its character. The palate has moderate+ volume, with sharp acidity and lasting aftertaste...
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Lyrarakis Wines Aggelis Liatiko 2020
RP '18
Out Of Stock
Liatiko is the pride of Crete in the red varieties, with Sitia having plenty of self-rooted and pre-phylloxera vines. The vineyard “Aggelis” is more than 130 years old, at an altitude of 500-600m.Low yields, very small grapes that give excellent quality and concentration of fruit.The small grapes ar..
23.80€ 24.80€
Ex Tax:19.19€
Lyrarakis Wines Vóila Assyrtiko 2021
RP '19
One of the most interesting Assyrtikos outside Santorini from old vines in Sitia and at an altitude approaching 600 metersSingle vineyard expression. Bush, unirrigated vines of low yields.Fruity as well as mineral, with moderate weight and lemony finish.Alcohol at 13% with a clean cut bright acidity..
12.00€ 12.40€
Ex Tax:9.68€
Lyrarakis Wines Plyto Psarades 2021
RP '19
D '18
The Plyto grape variety was saved from extinction by the Lyrarakis family, when it was planted in the "Psarades" family vineyard in central Crete in the early '90s.Single vineyard wine from the Psarades vineyard at an altitude of 480 meters.A combination of peaches on the nose along with herbs and f..
13.50€ 13.90€
Ex Tax:10.89€
In the glass we have a bright purple color. In the aromatic characteristics we find ripe cherries, dried strawberries, plums, sour cherries, with notes of cinnamon and licorice to follow. The palate is balanced and velvety, with soft tannins, lively acidity and lasting aftertaste...
8.70€ 8.90€
Ex Tax:7.02€
Bright and vibrant light yellow color. Rich fruity aromas of fresh apricot and peach jam, with notes of lemon. The creamy mouthfeel with fruit flavors is perfectly balanced with the natural sweetness and playful bubbles...
7.20€ 7.30€
Ex Tax:5.81€
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