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Brand: Noble Rot
Noble Rot’s fabulous new cover stars, motorcycling-mad artist Grayson Perry and psychotherapist Philippa Perry, are so bright they’re almost luminescent. In this issue Marina O’Loughlin interviews them over one of our signature long lunches, putting everyone from the Liberal Elite to Rylan to rights..
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Brand: Noble Rot
Introducing Noble Rot 25, another cordial collection of writing about wine and food, fact and fiction, the quite serious and the not very serious at all.In this issue we……we escape to Tuscany between lockdowns to meet an exciting young generation of Chianti Not Chianti producers, including Montevert..
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Brand: Repour
Repour keeps one bottle of wine fresh until the last glass. Each stopper is designed to save a full bottle of wine, even taken glass by glass over days, weeks or months. It works so well, your wine may need to 'open up' again when you return to enjoy another glass!..
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This book completes the Trilogy of Greek Wineries in Style. This is the overall work of the oenologist Dimitris Hadjinikolaou, with a tribute to over 50 more wineries, in an effort to unite the most important pieces of the dazzling puzzle of today's Greece, in a contemporary mosaic that is "read" sa..
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This anniversary box contains three books presenting 150 wineries of Greece is waiting for you to meet the creators of each region and the unique effort of each. A great idea for an original gift!(This edition comes in both Greek & English)..
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"English edition. Konstantinos Lazarakis's book, The Wines of Greece is considered as the basic study manual for Greek Wines. A global reference book of 486 pages and one of the four books proposed for the Andre Simon Award 2006. This is a new edition, signed by the author, and it is the best gift f..
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Brand: Noble Rot
Issue 24 is dedicated to celebrating Noble Rot's first book publication, the ultimate, lockdown-proof getaway, Wine from Another Galaxy, enlisting some top vinonauts, including natural wine-oracle Alice Feiring and Beastie Boy Mike Diamond, to tell us about one of their own wines from another galaxy..
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Hybrid Decanter
1 - 2 Days
Hybrid is a discreet and particularly elegant carafe with the signature of Spiegelau. It decorates our table and helps to highlight the aromas of the served wine...
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Novo Decanter
1 - 2 Days
Spiegelau's new Novo carafe came to amaze. Handmade and specially made for the complete aeration of the wine as well as for the development of complex aromas. It could also be a decorative item. Made of blown glass and of course each one is unique.  It has unparalleled beauty, harmony, austerit..
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Casual Decanter
1 - 2 Days
Carafe with angular design, offers a very good and safe grip for serving and a large base for secure support. Elegant and functional with the signature of Spiegelau. Ideal for business spaces. It will allow your wine to breathe properly and bring out its aromas...
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