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Petrakopoulos Winery

From 60-year-old pre-phylloxera vines, in the area of ​​Soularoi, Paliki, a dry Mavrodaphne of excellent concentration is produced, placing the variety on the top. The extraction of 30 days without using pumps and the usage of a percentage of beads are responsible for a wine of great complexity in b..
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Petrakopoulos Winery Mavro 2020
D '15
Gold (95)
Deep ruby colour that captivates.Medium acidity in the nose, with black fruits standing out, like black cherry, along with spices, tea features and chocolate. The full body blends together with its balanced acidity, giving an enchanting result, coupled with the velvet tannins. Its flavour characteri..
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In Thiramona of Cephalonia, Nikos Petrakopoulos continues a family tradition that is rooted back to the Byzantine era and the great families of Melissinos and Solomos. His goal is to express the unique terroir of Cephalonia working only with native and local varieties.Roz is the rosé version of Mavr..
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Artana is the new label of the Petrakopoulos winery from the Cephallonian microrogus Muscat variety. The word means "flower bed" in the local dialect. The grapes come from non-irrigated vineyards of organic cultivation, from a semi-mountainous vineyard in the area of ​​Angona, with clay-sandy soils,..
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From Zakynthian sun-dried grapes, Melitino is an amazing sweet wine, full of aromas apricots, grapefruit, honey and raisins. Harmonious in the mouth, layered, finishing with some soft tannins...
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The grapes come from a single vineyard of Mavrodaphne on the slopes of southern Kefalonia, from clayey sandy soils. The short extraction of the peels in the must gives delicious red fruit and fine soft tannins. The Ionian sea breeze contributes with its coolness to the acidity, giving a wine with a ..
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Lefko is produced from the artistic combination of the local varieties Bostilidi and Moschato. For Moschato they have chosen an excellent vineyard in the area of Angona, a semi-mountainous slope in clayey sandy soils. Bostilidi is cultivated in a small plain vineyard in the area of Eleios. Lefko has..
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The new label by Petrakopoulos winery comes from Hilovrachos in Lakouditsa. The wine comes from pre-phylloxera drying vineyards and the varieties that are co-cultivated are Zakynthino and Moschatella. Zakynthino is partially sun-dried and Moschatella is vinified in new oak barrels of French origin.&..
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Nikos Petrakopoulos and his winemaker Kiki Samieli are keen to capture and furthermore express the terroir of Kefalonia on each label they create. The cultivation is organic and they follow a "hands-off" approach, resulting in some of the most authentic wines in the country.Thymari Petras (Thyme of ..
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