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Stock Availability

To cover your needs, we stock in our warehouse more than 7000 bottles of the Greek vineyard. At the same time, we have a network of suppliers through which we are able to cover specialized needs, both in types of wines (labels) and number of bottles.


In each product's page, you are able to see its availability status. See below what each description means:


In Stock

The product is available in our warehouse. Furthermore, in case the quantity you require exceeds our stock, it is available from the producer and we are able to supply it.


In Stock (Low quantity)

The product is available in our warehouse. However, the quantity in stock is small (usually less than 12 bottles). Also, in most cases, the specific vintage is not available from the producer.


Only 1 available

Only 1 bottle is available in our warehouse and we are not able to find any more bottles of the specific vintage from the producer.


1 - 2 Days  or  2 - 3 Days  or  5 - 7 Days

The product is not available in our warehouse and for the execution of your order, we will need to first receive the product from the producer. Days in the specific status indicate the estimated delivery time from the producer to our warehouse and extend the execution of your order by the same amount.


Out of stock

The product is not available in our warehouse. At the same time, it is also exhausted from the producer and the new vintage is not yet available.


In case your order exceeds the quantity we have available in stock, and at the same time we are not able to find more bottles of the same vintage by any means, the exceeding number of bottles might be of a newer vintage. In such a case, we will always notify you prior to the execution of your order.