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Zafeirakis Microcosmos Malagousia 2020 New -10%

Zafeirakis Microcosmos Malagousia 2020

Microcosmos is a single vineyard Malagousia from the Paleomylos vineyard in Tyrnavos, from stumps approaching the age of 20 and is vinified from local yeasts.The color of the wine is lemon green with ..

14.90€ 13.40€ Ex Tax: 10.81€
Kechris Genesis White 2020 -9%

Kechris Genesis White 2020

Combining the intensity of a typical Sauvignon Blanc with the maturity of a mountainous Roditis, Genesis is a modern wine that offers a complete taste experience that you want to enjoy every day. Ligh..

7.10€ 6.45€ Ex Tax: 5.20€
Porto Carras Assyrtiko 2018 -30%

Porto Carras Assyrtiko 2018

In the glass we find a bright straw-blonde color. The aromatic characteristics include citrus peels, prunes, with notes of honey and nuts to follow. The palate is of moderate+ volume, with a pleasant ..

9.67€ 6.80€ Ex Tax: 5.48€
Kelesidis Naoussa Merhali 2016 -10%

Kelesidis Naoussa Merhali 2016

In the glass the color we find is ruby. The nose is rich and intense, with aromas of strawberry, tomato, violet, carnation, rose, olive leaves to star and notes of cinnamon and tea to follow. On the p..

14.30€ 12.80€ Ex Tax: 10.32€
Syros Winery Fabrica Red 2019 -8%

Syros Winery Fabrica Red 2019

A light and fresh wine, with soft aromas of cherry, vanilla and tomato. Mouth of moderate volume, with soft tannins and refreshing acidity...

10.90€ 10.00€ Ex Tax: 8.06€
Greek Wineries with Style - Dimitris Hadjinikolaou -8%

Greek Wineries with Style - Dimitris Hadjinikolaou

This book completes the Trilogy of Greek Wineries in Style. This is the overall work of the oenologist Dimitris Hadjinikolaou, with a tribute to over 50 more wineries, in an effort to unite the most i..

19.00€ 17.44€ Ex Tax: 16.45€
The Wines of Greece - Konstantinos Lazarakis MW -12%

The Wines of Greece - Konstantinos Lazarakis MW

"English edition. Konstantinos Lazarakis's book, The Wines of Greece is considered as the basic study manual for Greek Wines. A global reference book of 486 pages and one of the four books proposed fo..

37.10€ 32.48€ Ex Tax: 30.65€
Noble Rot - Issue 24 -12%

Noble Rot - Issue 24

Issue 24 is dedicated to celebrating Noble Rot's first book publication, the ultimate, lockdown-proof getaway, Wine from Another Galaxy, enlisting some top vinonauts, including natural wine-oracle Ali..

12.00€ 10.60€ Ex Tax: 10.00€
Biblia Chora Biblinos Red 2013 -5%

Biblia Chora Biblinos Red 2013

Biblinos is produced from a local red variety, which was found in the area of ​​Paggaio and is cultivated today by Biblia Chora Estate. The estate, through the process of identification of the variety..

17.40€ 16.50€ Ex Tax: 13.31€
Avantis Estate Red 2018 -20%

Avantis Estate Red 2018

A blend characterized by a bright red color, nose starting with aromas of fresh berries, cherries and strawberry jam, ending up with notes of tobacco, chocolate and spices. Well-structured, light mout..

7.90€ 6.35€ Ex Tax: 5.12€
Kamkoutis Rosé 2019 -19% Out Of Stock

Kamkoutis Rosé 2019

This rosé wine produced by Cabernet Franc and Malagousia, is distinguished by the pronounced aromas of strawberry and forest fruits.The palette is fruity and sharp, with intense aromas of raspberry an..

11.70€ 9.50€ Ex Tax: 7.66€
Aoton Savatiano 2019 -20%

Aoton Savatiano 2019

Aoton means the finest of it's kind, in ancient greek, something that clearly depicts what the wines produced are; finest quality, with respect to the authenticity of the Mesogeia region of Attica, an..

9.70€ 7.80€ Ex Tax: 6.29€
Idaia Vilana 2019
RP '18
JR '16
D '16
Bronze (86)

Idaia Vilana 2019

Yellowish pale color with a crown of green highlights. Nose lively and fresh, with witty and persistent notes of white fruits and mouth with richness, quite oily and cool, with acidity that gives nerv..

8.10€ 7.10€ Ex Tax: 5.73€
Kaniaris Dreamcatcher Rosé 2019 -10%

Kaniaris Dreamcatcher Rosé 2019

Rose strawberry color, and nose with intense aromas of strawberry, tomato, flowers and orange zest. Equally aromatic and light mouthsense, with soft acidity and good balance...

5.00€ 4.50€ Ex Tax: 3.63€
Noble Rot - Issue 23 -12%

Noble Rot - Issue 23

If not now, when? We all need reasons to be cheerful, even in the most challenging days, so issue 23 is a reaffirmation of Noble Rot's original mission statement: to celebrate wine and gastronomy!Read..

12.00€ 10.60€ Ex Tax: 10.00€
Theopetra Estate Edenia White 2017
RP '14
D '17
Silver (91)

Theopetra Estate Edenia White 2017

Lemon-green bright color, intense aromas of citrus such as bergamot and lime with lemongrass herbal hints. In the mouth, expressive with creamy bubbles, lemon zest flavor with brioche and nuts afterta..

15.13€ 12.80€ Ex Tax: 10.32€
Papagiannakopoulos Malagousia 2019 -15%

Papagiannakopoulos Malagousia 2019

Panos Papagiannakopoulos highlights another ancient Greek variety in the Corinthian region, Malagousia. Rich exotic flavors, pleasant body and intense acidity make this Malagousia ideal as an aperitif..

8.80€ 7.50€ Ex Tax: 6.05€
Miliarakis M White 2019 -12%

Miliarakis M White 2019

Minos Miliarakis Winery started in the early 1930’s to vinify local varieties in Peza, Crete. One of the most important wineries in the Cretan wine business, works with dedication on both Cretan and i..

9.90€ 8.70€ Ex Tax: 7.02€
Manousakis Nostos Roussanne 2019 -10%

Manousakis Nostos Roussanne 2019

Shiny gold color, complex aromatic character with a strong presence of citrus, apricot jam, honey, herbs, hazelnut and vanilla. Rich and oily mouth sense with great personality and mineral notes.  Gre..

24.20€ 21.80€ Ex Tax: 17.58€
Semeli Mantinia 2019
RP '18
JR '17
D '16
Silver (90)

Semeli Mantinia 2019

Greenish with greyish hues. Complex nose, with the variety typical muscat aromas, such as citrus peels, rose, delight, peach, pear.  Full and balanced mouthsense, with good acidity and a sense of citr..

9.90€ 8.60€ Ex Tax: 6.94€
Zafeirakis Natura Malagousia 2017 -15%

Zafeirakis Natura Malagousia 2017

 A different interpretation of the extremely popular Malagousia variety, presented by the talented winemaker Christos Zafirakis.Vines of up to 20 years old from sandy-clay soils with high concentratio..

17.10€ 14.50€ Ex Tax: 11.69€
Priftis Rizoma One 2019 -11%

Priftis Rizoma One 2019

Moderate lemon color, with soft greenish highlights. Citrus peel and stone fruit aromas can be found in the nose, with tropical notes following. Moderate body, refreshing acidity, with a beautiful, bo..

5.60€ 5.00€ Ex Tax: 4.03€
Mega Spileo Sauvignon Blanc 2019 -15%

Mega Spileo Sauvignon Blanc 2019

A wonderful Sauvignon Blanc by Domain Mega Spileo. The color is bright subtle yellow, with light green highlights. We find strong aromas of citrus and tropical fruits in the nose, with notes of mint a..

10.20€ 8.70€ Ex Tax: 7.02€
Mitravelas Nemea 2018
RP '13
D '16
Gold (95)

Mitravelas Nemea 2018

Dark cherry color with deep purple hues and bouquet framed by red fruit jams, pepper, leather, ink, oregano, tobacco and vanilla. Round mouthfeel, filled with pleasant astringency which blends flawles..

14.90€ 12.60€ Ex Tax: 10.16€
Mitravelas Red in Black 2019
RP '14
D '19
Silver (91)

Mitravelas Red in Black 2019

A fresh, dark red wine that without the barrel influence, is characterized by delicate notes of spices and fresh shades of cherry jam and cherry. Medium density mouthfeel, round and youthful, with sof..

8.80€ 7.50€ Ex Tax: 6.05€
Lalikos the White 2019 -12%

Lalikos the White 2019

This wine has intense but not explosive aromas with emphasis on its mineral character and a vegetal dimension from Sauvignon Blanc that reveils it freshness. Lively mouth sense, with angles and a char..

10.30€ 9.10€ Ex Tax: 7.34€
Vatistas Horizon 2019 -10%

Vatistas Horizon 2019

Vatistas family has been involved with the cultivation and vinification of local to Monemvasia varieties and produces quality wines, with complexity and taste, in the Plains of Voi. White Horizon is p..

10.50€ 9.40€ Ex Tax: 7.58€
Mega Spileo Moschato 2019 -9%

Mega Spileo Moschato 2019

Dry Muscat from high altitude vineyards in Achaia, Peloponnese, typically displaying rose petals, oregano, citrus and nettles scents. Pure and vibrant on the palate, with low alcohol and a fresh zingy..

7.80€ 7.10€ Ex Tax: 5.73€