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Transaction Security


We accept payment via credit card issued by any bank or via PayPal.
The high level of security of Alpha Bank (the Bank that settles credit card transactions) and of Paypal Services is guaranteed by the following:
Information on the card (card number, CVV2, expiry date) are transferred through Internet in encrypted format (128-bit-encryption) and there is no access from our web store.
The systems and the procedures used by these providers exclude any third party accessing data and information systems.
The Bank or PayPal web site on which you enter your card's data has a digital certificate enabling to check the authenticity, to make sure that belongs to these providers.
In conclusion, the Bank and PayPal follow the best international practices for the e-commerce payments and are totally compatible with the VbV (Verified by Visa) requirements for secure payments by card.
Your personal information (credit card number and other data) are encrypted in order not to be read or modified during the transaction. The SSL protocol (Secure Sockets Layer) is the international standard for the certification of the web sites and for the data encryption between users and web servers.
A SSL encrypted communication requires that all information exchanged between a client and a server are encrypted by the sending software and decrypted by the receiving software, protecting the personal information during the transaction. Furthermore, all information send by the SSL protocol are automatically protected by a mechanism that detects if the data is modified during the transaction.
Practically, has no access to the information of your credit card, while the payment is made via a redirection to the specially designed and encrypted Bank or PayPal web page.  We keep only data not considered as private and confidentail. These could be considered communication data: Name, Surname, Address and Telephone Numbers. Our policy is described on the "Personal Data Page". Your personal data is also secured by the password that you choose when you become a member of

All transactions through are governed by the international and European law that controls matters related to electronic commerce as well as the consumer protection law (2251/1994) that controls matters of distance sales.  The use of this website is by sole responsibility of the visitor-client.  We are not responsible for any malicious third party intervention.

The web page visitors commit that they will not damage third party with a malicious use of our web page and that they will not violate their privacy. Visiting the web site requires the acceptance of these terms.