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Manousakis - Winery

Ιn 1993, Theodore Manousakis establishes the winery and finally sees his dream come true. He always has the support of really important people who still work with him. Over time, significant, world-class experts were added to the team of co-workers. Since 1998, Kostis Galanis, chemist and oenologist, takes charge of Manoussakis winery, in Chania. All the group supervision, coordination and ... orchestration is taken up with passion by Kostis Galanis. Kostis, chemist and oenologist, with extensive experience in the Rhône Valley varieties and born in Chania, seems to be the most suitable person to take up the winery Manousakis in Chania. The Estate is located on the southern sloppy hills of Vatolakos, in the prefecture of Chania. On the way to Omalos, just before Lefka Ori (White Mountains), at the altitude of 320-380 meters you come across the vineyards of Manousakis winery which reach at the height of 550-600 meters. The first vineyard, settled in 1993, consisted of 20 acres and was planted with Syrah, Grenache, Mourvedre and Roussanne. In 1999, 10 more acres were added and from then till now the vineyard gradually reached the total ext wine making has gradually reached a total extension of 135 acre privately owned land. In 2010 Manousakis winery company makes a big step and plants the white variety of Vilana, which was totally forgotten for years.

Manousakis Winery MRS. 2022
RP '20
A wine from Manousakis winery that belongs to the value for money category, while from the message on the label, its name and its character we believe it was created to increase females' interest for red wines. Bright and attractive moderate ruby color that gains your attraction when swirling your g..
Ex Tax:8.47€
With Muscat of Spina Late Release, Manousakis winery shows another version of the variety, but also its potential.It has a lemon color. The aromas consist of citrus peel, green apple, lychee, with a strong spicy character, notes of dried flowers and some herbs that in total complete its complex char..
15.80€ 16.10€
Ex Tax:12.74€
Manousakis winery has lately set about trying to show us that their white wines can equally stand next to their impressive reds. So apart from the excellent Roussanne that is a fast-seller for many years now, the vinification of Vidiano and Muscat Spinas add proofs to this saying. Muscat Spinas has ..
15.80€ 16.10€
Ex Tax:12.74€
Clear deep dark red colour with a purple hue. Rich, dense legs. Intense nose with ripe juicy black fruits and some caramelized notes. Velvet tannins in this big bodied wine, warm finish with crunchy dark fruit. Bitter chocolate and a hint of earthiness. Long aftertaste that lingers for at least a co..
78.20€ 80.60€
Ex Tax:63.06€
Shiny gold color, complex aromatic character with a strong presence of citrus, apricot jam, honey, herbs, hazelnut and vanilla. Rich and oily mouthfeel with great personality and mineral notes.  Great aftertaste with aromas of fresh fruit and flowers...
31.30€ 32.20€
Ex Tax:25.24€
Clear light yellow color with greenish hues. Intense nose with aromas of citrus and stone fruits with mineral notes. Dry and light mouthfeel, crisp and refreshing acidity with mineral notes. Long aftertaste...
17.90€ 18.60€
Ex Tax:14.44€
Winery Manousakis Nostos Alexandra's 2018
RP '08
Bright red color, medium density nose which evolves gradually, starting with aromas of fresh berries, cherries and strawberry jam, ending up with aging notes where tobacco, black pepper and ham dominate. Well-structured mouth, with good quality tannins, delicious, aromatic, with medium length aftert..
19.20€ 19.80€
Ex Tax:15.48€
Winery Manousakis Nostos Pink 2022
JR '22
Bright pink colour with fresh, peppery flavor, beautiful acidity, vibrancy and durability. Beides the high alcohol and subtle, but quite substantial for a rosé wine, tannins, we understand that this rosé wine is a food wine...
15.50€ 15.90€
Ex Tax:12.50€
Manousakis Winery Nostos Romeiko 2022
RP '19
JR '22
Romeiko is indigenous to Crete. A black skinned variety cultivated mainly in the area of Chania, producing old fashioned wines until the last years. Now quality conscious producers, such as Manousakis, are presenting a new modern interpretation to this local heritage grape. One of the very few singl..
13.90€ 14.30€
Ex Tax:11.21€
Vivid crimson color, clarity and nose with character and intensity, which is composed of notes of black fruit jam, spices, leather and herbs. In the mouth the sequence of perfumes develops tension and characteristic acidity, volume and softened tannins...
24.90€ 25.70€
Ex Tax:20.08€
Manousakis Winery Nostos Syrah 2018
JR '18
Concentrated almost black color, and intensely smoky nose that leaves a little space to discern subtle aromas of white pepper, leather, currant and toasted bread. Mouth-feel thick, alcoholic, very spicy with intense acidity and soft tannins. Sweet aftetaste...
25.00€ 25.90€
Ex Tax:20.16€
Alexandra Manousakis created the Terroir series of products to highlight the imprint given by nature to its products. Terroir is the environment, the culture, the aromas and flavors that are hidden in the soil and form the character of a product. Apart from those, it is also the people and this prod..
Ex Tax:13.19€
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