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Greek Orange Wines

Orange wines are a type of white wine produced with the same process applied to reds, i.e. with prolonged maceration of crushed grape skins and seeds. This extraction is responsible for the orange colour of the wines, for their special and intense aromatic character and for their light tannic substance. Fermentation often takes place in clay pots or wooden barrels, following ancient practices and local wine traditions.

Vorias & Helios Assyrtiko by Markogianni is the new orange wine of the winery, unfiltered, by Assyrtiko grapes, coming from the family-owned vineyard of the winery, in semi-mountainous Olympia. The spontaneous fermentation of the must, in conjunction with the marcs for 8 days, led to the product..
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The new creation of Nikos Hatzakis is an orange wine that is produced in very limited bottles and comes from the local variety Serifiotiko.Its color is deep gold with orange highlights. In the aromas we can distinguish citrus fruits such as dried apricot, grapefruit, bergamot, orange, with notes of ..
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The grapes are harvested manually and pressed without destemming. Native yeasts vinification while the extraction lasts for about 2 months. The wine remains on the lees for aabout 8 months. It is then bottled unfiltered.It has a bright orange color. Explosive aromas of peppermint jam, sweet quince, ..
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Anatolikos Vineyards Orange 2019
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Anatolikos Vineyards, the brainchild of Nikolaidis brothers, brings a fresh breeze of air to the Greek wine scene and continues the long wine tradition of Thrace. Their philosophy is summarized in organic farming, low interventions (little or no SO2 added), spontaneous ferments that provide a distin..
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Golden-yellow color and a soft mouth, that create a bouquet of citrus, fresh fruits and lemon flower. Long and pleasant aftertaste...
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Nikolou Winery's suggestion for natural wines is a Savatiano with no addition of sulphites until bottling. The fermentation is done with native yeasts and is completed in oak and acacia barrels. 20% of the grapes are red, which gives the wine a distinct yellow color. Strong aromas of tropical and nu..
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Sant'Or Winery Santameriana Orange Amphora Aging 2021
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In the historic village of Santameri, Achaia, Panagiotis Dimitropoulos from the upcoming Sant'Or winery cultivates the Santameriana variety, also known as Asprouda from Patras. The low yields, biodynamic approach and harmony with nature synthesize a wine of individuality and strong personality.  The..
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Brand: Zoenos Zitsa
Moderate, seductive amber color. In the nose, explosion of nuts, orange and cedar jam with hints of citrus and honey along with spice notes, that continue to make their presence felt and in the mouth, with moderate acidity and tannins with a rich aftertaste...
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Papargyriou Winery Yli 35 Orange 2020
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Papargyriou winery's orange wine comes from a very low acreage yield and is 100% Assyrtiko. The grapes come from a high altitude vineyard in Sofiana, Corinth. Harvesting is slow and fermentation takes place with native yeasts. The wine remains in contact with its skins for 35 days, then for 15 month..
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Lagos & Chelona is the new rosé natural wine of the Markogiannis winery, from the varieties Roditi (45%), Refosco (22%), Mavroudi (20%) and Asproudes (13%), coming from the family vineyard in the semi-mountainous Olympia. Roditis stays in contact with the marcs, waiting for the other varieties, ..
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META is a white wine of oxidative aging. The vinification process borrows techniques used in red wines, with the marcs participating in the entire fermentation process. META is distinguished for its white tonicity, a fact that gives a feeling of peppers on the palate, but also a brilliant minerality..
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The new label by Petrakopoulos winery comes from Hilovrachos in Lakouditsa. The wine comes from pre-phylloxera drying vineyards and the varieties that are co-cultivated are Zakynthino and Moschatella. Zakynthino is partially sun-dried and Moschatella is vinified in new oak barrels of French origin.&..
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