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Greek Blonde Beers

Browse our selection of the best Greek blonde beers including some fantastic lagers, ales and IPAs to try. Your taste buds will thank you!

Dathènes is a slow-brewed craft lager beer made for the days when we enjoy the sun without interruption, for the moments when we are at the sea and for all the reasons that lead us to discover the city. With a rich taste, sweet finish and aftertaste, Dathènes is intended for those who want to taste ..
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Strange Brew Bliss DDH Anniversary DIPA
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Brand: Strange Brew
Bliss was born to celebrate the fifth birthday of the gypsy brewers of Strange Brew. A Double Dry Hopped DIPA with Centennial, Nelson, CRYO Citra & CRYO Loral hops, in quantities that suit the festive occasion and create a beautiful, rounded result, with herbal and fruity notes, soft mouthfeel a..
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Brand: Strange Brew
Originated from Belgium, this - relatively unknown in Greece - beer style was originally produced to cool the farmers during the period of the harvest, after a long day in the fields. This recipe is somewhat "strangely" varied, lemony, sour, dry and cool, ideal for the Greek summer and a homage to t..
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Brand: Strange Brew
The first lager label by the nomads of Strange Brew comes in collaboration with Alea, a promising, up-and-coming brewery that has its own facilities in Attica. Chloe is produced there and takes her name from the charming black cat of the brewery. A lager with a strong personality. Alcohol value at 5..
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Nissos organic All Day is made with certified organic barley malt, following a slow, traditional, and absolutely natural process. The cold fermentation creates a clear base, on which the aromas of the three types of aromatic hops are allowed to develop. Light, fragrant, without a hint of bitterness,..
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Made with water from Ikaria island, a place known all over the world as an island of longevity. Its name is a tribute to the women of the island. Light and pleasant, with rich cereal aromas. Recently awarded in the Superior Taste Awards Brussels 2020...
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American hops with citrus, earthy characteristics and cereal create the aroma and taste of this golden pale ale. Bitter at first but then reveals all its characteristics. Full-bodied and intense aftertaste that makes you impatient to drink again...
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Nissos Greek Island Pilsner
1 - 2 Days
Nissos Greek Island Pilsner was inspired from island living, and from the magic of the Cycladic Islands. Easy-to-drink, and perfectly balanced. Crystal-clear, with a deep gold-copper colour, rich froth, and good lacing in the glass. An ideal pairing for Mediterranean cuisine. Aroma of malt with note..
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Color gold, relatively clear, with plenty white foam which drops gradually, forming a distinctive ring. The typical aromas of a pilsner beer are there from the start. Hop is primarily giving aromas of flowers and citrus fruits on a background of soft malt flavors. Discreetly bitter, at the beginning..
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