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Greek Varieties

A white-yellow, cool wine with greenish hues and aromas of fresh white fruits like banana, apricot, pear, and also lemon cues, lemon zest and mineral notes. Fruity and fresh mouth sense, with good acidity, easy to drink, balanced and juicy...
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Foivos Papastratis creates his wine in the area of Ampelia, where the historic Evian vineyard was located. Choosing the varieties Assyrtiko and Moschato, he creates an impressive blend. In the glass the color is lemon green. Elegant nose, with floral aromas, notes of citrus fruits to star, stonefrui..
10.90€ 11.20€
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Karamolegos Nykteri 2018
JR '16
D '18
Gold (96)
Intense nose with nuts, mature yellow fruits, quince and intense fossility. Exuberant and stylish at the same time, fatty mouth, electric acidity and long salty aftertaste...
28.60€ 29.50€
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Oenops Apla White 2020
RP '17
D '16
Commended (84)
Brand: Oenops Wines
Apla white is a blend 3 famous Greek grape varieties (Malagousia, Assyrtiko, Roditis). The result is a wine that combines maturity with freshness. Tropical and white-fleshed fruit on the nose, on a floral background. Rich mouth sense with good acidity and a long fruity aftertaste...
10.50€ 10.80€
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Karamolegos Santorini 2019
RP '18
D '18
Silver (92)
Νose with the typical aromatic character of Santorini, presence of nut fruits, such as peach and green fruits, like pear. Significant minerality and notes of wet stone, surrounded by jasmine flavors. Full body with high acidity and freshness, which perfectly accompanies the intense minerality and ar..
20.90€ 21.80€
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Golden-yellow color and a soft mouth, that create a bouquet of citrus, fresh fruits and lemon flower. Long and pleasant aftertaste...
9.40€ 9.70€
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Dalamaras Kapnistos 2019 Dalamaras Kapnistos 2019
RP '14
A peculiar wine that owes its peculiarities in the unorthodox manner in which it matures in oak, but not 100% full, barrels. As a result, it forms an oxidative character that, in terms of aromas, is translated into notes of spices and nuts, honey and dried herbs. On the palate is creamy and with a s..
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Chloe Chatzivariti continues her experimentation with a more "natural approach", giving a new impetus to the native wine scene, with the MiNiMus series. Ni is a blend of Malagousia and Roditis (65%-35%), amphora fermented, from the Bintablas vineyard in Goumenissa.Orange, natural approach wine, that..
20.40€ 21.10€
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Kir Yianni Paranga White 2020
RP '20
D '16
Bronze (86)
-28 %
A classic value for money Greek white, from the cool climate Amyndeon highlands in Macedonia.Blend of 80% Roditis and 20% Malagousia, with floral and citrus zest aromas.The altitude of 700m. emphasizes the acidity of Roditis and gives a spark and intensity to the wine.Excellent as aperitif, but can ..
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Manousakis X Karanika The Illustrius Hartman - Molavi Extra Brut Manousakis X Karanika The Illustrius Hartman - Molavi Extra Brut
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The coexistence of the groundbreaking producers Laurens Hartman (Domaine Karanika) and Afshin Molavi (Manousakis Winery) leads to the a great pairing of the Romeiko and Xinomavro varieties and the creation of a sparkling wine with the traditional method, which then stays on the lees for about 3 year..
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Santo Wines Nykteri Reserve 2018
D '19
Gold (95)
Brand: Santo Wines
An aged wine from the three white grape varieties of Santorini. Bright golden color, medium intensity nose with aromas like ripe apricot, lemon, chamomile, honey, vanilla. On the palate complex, rich, creamy and high acidity and flavors of nuts and wood. Long aftertaste...
25.90€ 26.70€
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