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Loyalty Program

Greece and Grapes is pleased to be able to reward its loyal customers and lovers of good Greek wines!


The purchase of most products on our site will give you a certain amount of virtual grapes, allowing you to create your own virtual vineyard


To participate in our customer loyalty program an account registration is required so that your virtual grapes may be added to it with every order you make. Our loyalty program automatically credits your virtual grapes to your account with each purchase you make.


You can see the number of virtual grapes that a product gives under its price on the product's page. When you have grown your "vineyard" enough, you can buy any product with your grapes provided that you have the required number.


Redeeming your virtual grapes


The price in grapes of each product appears under the price of the product in your shopping cart.  Please note that partial grape redemption is not allowed, i.e. you must at possess the total number of grapes that are required to buy a product to redeem them.


When you have a number of grapes that can be used “to pay” for a product, you need to select this option that appears available in your shopping cart (option Use your grapes).  This option will provoke a redemption - your virtual vineyard has produced your own wine! Your reward grapes are lost or otherwise "drop" from your personal vineyard vine after 3 months of not being used.


Periodically Greece and Grapes may run promotions that will allow you to increase the size of your “vineyard”, be sure to sign up for our monthly newsletter to stay informed on our latest offer and specials!