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The largest selection of Greek Ouzo online at unbeatable prices only at Greece and Grapes! Our experts have chosen a range of ouzo for every taste including the popular Ouzo Mini, Ouzo 12 and Ouzo of Plomari brands along with a wide selection of premium ouzos which will amaze your palette! Not sure which ouzo is right for you? Ask our team for an ouzo tasting pack selected with the ouzo connoisseur in mind! All orders are available with express delivery to Europe, the UK and the USA.
Distillery - Winery of Thrace Ouzo 7 Gold Premium  is created by a combination of star anise seeds, coriander and Chios mastic. It is distilled in traditional copper stills. It has rich texture and a soft and exquisite taste...
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Meltemi ouzo with its name leads our thoughts to islands, seas and summer Aegean winds. Through the complete harmony of its ingredients and the unprecedented "aura" of aromatic plants that highlight its characteristics, it achieves this in a delightful way...
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One of the first Plomari raki producers was Dimitrios Giannatsis, who officially founded his distillery in 1932. With recipes from the East at his luggage, he found the best ingredients to make his spirits. Grapes of excellent quality, which were cultivated in Lesbos, anise from Lisvori, fennel and ..
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After many decades, Syros produces ouzo again! Unique and complex character with a rich aromatic profile and predominant aromas of local fennel and mastic. More specifically, it is a 50% distillation product flavored with anise, asteroid anise, coriander, cardamom, mastic and fennel, at 42% ABV...
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Five generations of the Barbayianni family create, with love and knowledge, the classic Ouzo Blue, with respect to tradition, which requires 100% distillation of ouzo, following the family recipe brought by Efstathios Barbayiannis back in 1860 from Russia. Genuine anise extract and aromatic plants, ..
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Aiming at the absolute taste pleasure and the sense of the classic Greek beauty, Ouzo Aphrodite was born in 1962. This rare distillate, produced at 48% ABV, is based on the finest result of multiple fractions and on pure ingredients, like anise and a number of aromatic plants and seeds. Rich taste t..
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Jivaeri is an ouzo coming from three distillation steps in order to maintain the cleaner of the so-called "heart" of the distillation. Produced with agricultural origin alcohol, with water from the Olympus rich in minerals and a mixture of aromatic herbs and seeds that are responsible for the unique..
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With respect to traditional distillation techniques, Barbayanni family produces Barbayanni Green Ouzo, from carefully selected fresh ingredients and the unique water of Plomari. Ouzo Barbayanni Green is a 100% pure distillate produced at 42% alcohol level...
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Brand: Tsantalis
Ouzo Tsantali is created in Tsantali distillery at Agios Pavlos, Halkidiki. The secret of its quality is based on the traditional family recipe, the high quality raw materials and the strict selection of the "heart" of the distillation. The transparent color when diluted with water gives way to an a..
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Brand: EPOM
What makes ouzo MINI of Mytilene unique, is the 17 secret recipes of its producers and the fact that they are all combined in one. One recipe that is kept unaltered through time and contains the distillers’ expertise and know how. A recipe which, combined with the special aromatic herbs of Lesvos an..
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The Plomari Ouzo Distillery Isidoros Arvanitis has relocated to a new site in the midst of a magnificent olive grove, but is still in picturesque Plomari, the place where Isidoros Arvanitis first created Ouzo of Plomari in 1894 and where it has been produced for over 100 years. The Distillery combin..
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Brand: Kalogianni
Probably the oldest ouzo and the one that was the first ever bottled. Its story started back in 1880 at Constantinople (Instambul) where the Kalogiannis brothers had a distillery.  The distillate from barrel with the number 12 was the one that many people at that time loved, since it had a special q..
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