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It comes from muscat grapes which ensure a distillate with high aromatic and rich flavor profile, being enhanced by the addition of quality seeds and herbs during the distillation. Clean, crystal clear with a distinctive taste...
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Brand: Tsantalis
Kanenas tsipouro is made from the marcs sourced from vineyards in Metochi Chromitsas area of Mount Athos. The nose is characterized by soft fruity aromas, the palate is spicy but soft taste, with a slighlty sweet and long aftertaste...
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Avantes Libera Liqueur 500ml
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Premium 100% natural lemon liqueur with verbena. Specially selected lemon varieties from the area of Evia are collected with the appropriate timing so as to offer the best aromas. With the slow extraction process, essential oils from the fresh lemon peels are released and mix with the distinctive an..
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Tsipouro Zacharia with anise 700ml
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A distillate with a clean character, elegant aromas by anise, round mouthful and a long aftertaste. Pomace from carefully selected, ripe and healthy grapes, which are cultivated in the Valley of the Muses and come from nine different varieties and the best Anise in Greece...
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Makryonitis distillery from Syros is a pioneer, creating a distillate from fresh figs. An excellent work, with special organoleptic characteristics and distinctive aroma, due to the selected Syrian fresh figs which, after being collected from the trees, are subjected to controlled fermentation and t..
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Ardbeg Wee Beastie 5 Yo
1 - 2 Days
The latest addition to the Ardbeg family. The word Wee is Scottish and means small or little. Beastie means a creature, usually small in size but with a strong temperament and character. Despite the seemingly few years of aging, the Wee Beastie 5 Yo is incredibly strong and with an impressive spicy ..
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The blended Tsikoudia of the distillery, mixed with thyme mountain honey harvested by Cretan apiarists and local aromatic herbs, without adding any synthetic colourants. It is produced in artisanal discontinuous distillation with fractional copper alembics in Rethymno. It reveals its golden, clear c..
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The grape variety Moschato Spinas grows in the mountains of Crete. With its dynamic and aromatic character full of surprises, it gave us a fine distillate, gracious and smooth, with a lasting, enduring aftertaste. It is produced in artisanal discontinuous distillation with fractional copper alembics..
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The French grape variety Syrah acclimatized perfectly in the warmth of Crete, adding all the proper gifts and the characteristic dark colour of its grape. It reveals intensity and an afterglow, while its distillate represents the most intense tsikoudia. The aromas are earthy, warm and delicate, with..
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It is the heart of the best Cretan grapes from selected vineyards of the island. Produced in artisanal discontinuous distillation with fractional copper alembics in Rethymno, their distillate reveals a fully balanced aftertaste as well as its typical intense and strong aroma...
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Mortlach 16 Yo
1 - 2 Days
Part of a trio of expressions announced in 2018 (which also included a 12 Year Old and a 20 Year Old), this 16 year old Mortlach single malt is drawn from sherry casks - the rich sweetness complements the intense spirit that the distillery is known for. Expect dark fruit, treacle and punchy spicy no..
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The Singleton Glendullan Select House Tully (Game of Thrones Collection)
1 - 2 Days
House Tully is headquartered in Riverrun and governs the Riverlands. The power of the water characterizes both the Tully House and The Singleton Glendullan Select, made on the banks of the Fiddich River in the wooded hills of Dufftown. The water that flows through the area is utilized using a water ..
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