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Bright color with light golden highlights. Clean, bright with floral citrus characteristics (kumquat) and herbs (eucalyptus) on a background of sweet spices (nutmeg, clove, cinnamon) and hints of honey, leather and tobacco. Velvety and balanced mouth feel of medium intensity, fruity and herbal chara..
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Belvedere 10
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Belvedere 10 was inspired from the distillation of vodka that was established in 1910, the very year that the distillery was founded. It is the product of a singular harvest from a specific rye field, and as people have it " one rye, one farm, one field, one harvest". Belvedere 10 is an exciting, wi..
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A unique tsipouro produced from the distillation of marc from the finest vineyards. Only the "heart" of the spirit is kept, since it is the cleanest and purest side. However, good tsipouro requires the appropriate finest water and in this case,  the purest water is used, coming from a Spyropoulos fa..
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EVA distillery, starting from the small distilleries of Greece and after continuous search and taste tests, selects separate spirits from small grape harvests which it harmoniously combines in this excellent tsipouro...
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Trikene 's family decided to move from Cephallonia to Messolonghi in the late 1700s. Brothers Panos and Tassos Trikenes decided to continue their legacy by distilling their own ouzo, following the family's secret recipe. So, in 1901 they made their first small distillery into the local fish flea mar..
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"Mangus Premium Grape Marc Spirit" is the distillated product of Assyrtiko and Malagousia marc, where two different ageings are done. Firstly, the product ages in American and French oak barrels of 225L, giving to it a touch of spices and smokiness, and lastly it ages in second use french oak barrel..
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Chariskos Distillery is using some state of the art equipment, making their tsipouro delicate. The aromatic density is high due to the Muscat of Alexandria grape variety...
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What's special about is the velvet yet high in complexity character, embodying perfectly the freshness of Xiropotamos valley, even with one sip. Notes of lime zest, wild juniper and fine spices like white pepper are some of the ingredients for a summer cocktail, and in you can find all..
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The "Psarades" vineyard since the late '80s is the mother-planting land of Plyto grape variety. This rare distillation is coming from that specific vineyard and expresses the soul and the spirit of the grape...
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In northern Greece, in Xiropotamos valley of Drama, an area with rugged beautiful nature and crystal springs, the native wild Juniper was a plant with a long tradition for its multiple benefits. The delicate aroma of wild Juniper fruits, combined with a unique recipe of local herbs gathered from the..
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Brad Pitt and Perrin family asked Tom Nichol, master distiller with 40 years of experience and a name synonymous with Tanqueray, to create Gardener Gin, a spirit that reflects the French Riviera atmosphere. Made from grains in copper stills, it is based on a canvas of juniper, licorice, angelic..
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Tsipouro Eothinon is a premium aged spirit coming from selected grapes of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah varieties(located in vines of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace) , which create a unique blend (cuvee) that is the "base" of aged EOTHINON. Then it is aged in French oak Radoux barrels known for..
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