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The Kir Yianni estate, maintaining an informal tradition of aging of Ramnista crops, singled out the 2011 harvest, from which it kept 3,000 bottles. A wine with impressive aging potential, chosen by the people of the estate to be bottled in a landmark year for Greece, as a tribute to the completion ..
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Kir Yianni Ramnista Crus Limni-Siniaki-Cyclamina 2011 (3 bottle case) Kir Yianni Ramnista Crus Limni-Siniaki-Cyclamina 2011 (3 bottle case)
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The vineyard at Kir Yianni Estate is distinguished for the diversity of the soil, the different slopes, the composition and the orientation of planting the vines throughout its area. Therefore, from the first moment, the need arose to manage each segment separately. The aim is to highlight the grape..
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This single malt is inspired by the bold spirit of Deneris Targaryen from the Game of Thrones series and praises bold women. The same fiery spirit and absolute determination fueled Helen Kumming and her daughter-in-law Elizabeth as they formed Cardhu Distillery in the male-dominated whisky world. A ..
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Estate Katsaros Red Magnum 2013 Estate Katsaros Red Magnum 2013
RP '10
D '10
Silver (90)
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Deep red color, with dense aromas reminiscent of cherry, raspberry jam, candy and bright wood. Velvety, slightly sweet mouth sense, with nice and well structured tannins. Stays enough time in the mouth with a pleasant and satisfying aftertaste...
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Kir Yianni Mple Alepou (Blue Fox) 2017 - 3 bottle case Kir Yianni Mple Alepou (Blue Fox) 2017 - 3 bottle case
RP '12
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A dense and complex wine, with almost impenetrable red color with iridescent hues and complex, medium intensity bouquet. Spices are starring with marmeladed red fruits on a background of aromatic herbs, with hints of ink, porcini, raisins and nuts. Round, oily and creamy mouth sense, with ripe, well..
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Gaia Thalassitis Submerged 2015 Gaia Thalassitis Submerged 2015
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An idea that seemed crazy and was definitely extremely risky (remember that the first year only 3 bottles survived), finally became true by Gaia Wines and created a year to year anticipation to all wine lovers. We are talking of course about the Thalassitis that is submerged for about 4 years in the..
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Katogi Red 2015 Magnum
RP '11
Clear red color and complex aromatic character combining oak aromas with scents of ripe fruits. Mouth rich and robust, with a pleasant fruity character full of nerve, tannins and barrel complexions...
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Semi-sweet and naturally semi-sparkling, light yellow with green shades and light bubbles. From Moschato Riou, delicious, with nice acidity and balance, strongly aromatic and youthful. It comes in beautiful packaging with one bottle and two flute glasses to fully enjoy its potential...
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Triangular prism gift box for one bottle, by Estate Muses.The box includes one bottle of Amuse, 0.75lt..
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Cardboard Gift Box, including two bottles from Estate Muses. One bottle of Chrysolithos Chardonnay and one Chrysolithos Merlot, 0.75lt..
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Cardboard Gift Box, including two bottles from Domaine Mega Spileo.The box includes one bottle Lagorthi-Assyrtiko and one Syrah, 0.75lt..
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Cavino Magnum cardboard gift box Cavino Magnum cardboard gift box
1 - 2 Days
Cardboard magnum gift box, including one bottle from Cavino EstateThe box includes one bottle of Nemea Grande Reserve 1.5lt..
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