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Orders outside Greece

We are pleased to announce new reduced shipping costs for all international orders!

Click here to see estimated shipping costs for orders outside Greece.

Greece and Grapes ships its products to all countries of mainland Europe, the United Kingdom and many areas of the Unites States (state laws permitting).

Shipments abroad are made ​​by an international courier company to which total shipping costs are assigned.  Since our products generally have significant weight, we recommend to our customers outside Greece to order in a smart way with consolidated orders that will meet their needs (or even their friends needs) for some time. In this way, the price of the products will not be significantly affected by the shipping costs.  It is indicative that for all countries, shipping costs for 18 bottles have little difference from that for 6 bottles.


To assist in this we are happy to be able to provide mixed bottle cases allowing you to combine many different wines from any producers into your total order. 

Contact us to make things easier! Our goal is to help you discover the excellent products of the Greek vineyard so feel free to contact us with any questions and we will be happy to assist!