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Greek Natural Wines

 But is it true that there are natural wines? Certainly the definition is not clear but, in order for a wine to enter this category, some basic things should be observed. Natural wines are those with minimal intervention. What does this mean;
The grapes are organically or biodynamically grown or with the philosophy of permaculture (sustainable cultivation). The wine is fermented with its own indigenous yeasts and not commercial ones. Additions and corrections are not allowed, such as e.g. tartaric acid to correct the acidity or fining agents to clear the wine. Processes such as filtering are prohibited. The use of sulfites is either very limited or non-existent.
Unfiltered, without any addition of sulphite, Rhoditis is produced in 15.000 bottles. It comes from the private owned 25-year-old vineyard. Pure fruit on the nose and a nice combination of volume and finesse. Texture wine with charming aromas of ripe apple. Alcohol at 11.7%...
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Sant'Or Winery Santameriana 2021
JR '18
Low yields of 200 kilos per acre, from mainly shale soils with a 60% gradient to 400 meters. Soft nose with pure grape aromas. Skin contact vinification for 20 days, followed by 6 months of maturation. Complex aromas with white pepper and bergamot and several tannins...
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A very particular white wine produced in small quantities and in an as natural manner as possible. Yellow to orange color with aromas of nuts, caramel, apricot and orange marmalade. Robust, exuberant and slightly tannic mouthsense where caramelized nuts are felt. Long aftertaste. This vintage came w..
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Bright orange and cloudy due to the lack of protein stability. Explosive nose, full of citrus aromas such as lemon, citrus, grapefruit, accompanied by herbs and grass-filled vegetation. Rich mouth with a high acidity that perfectly takes off the aromas of citrus, bergamot, lemon as well as botanical..
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Golden look with greenish scents. Its nose is botanical with a strong eucalyptus expression, harmoniously attached to stone fruits, such as peach. Low acidity with a moderate body that binds properly with the alcohol, leaving a herbal aftertaste, with chamomile and lavender notes. An organic low int..
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The Vaimakis family started producing wine at the end of the 19th century. Vassilis Vaimakis is one of the first oenologists in Greece to investigate the limits of natural vinification of Greek grapes with zero sulfites. With love for nature, he creates and brings to our glasses unique wines. Mater ..
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Verdea is a wine with "Apellation by Tradition" and originates from "Fioro tou Levante", Zakynthos island. A blend of varieties, its name is linked to the Italian word verde, which means green, referring to the green color of the almost unripe grapes used to increase the acidity of the wine. Verdea ..
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Brand: Zoenos Zitsa
Moderate, seductive amber color. In the nose, explosion of nuts, orange and cedar jam with hints of citrus and honey along with spice notes, that continue to make their presence felt and in the mouth, with moderate acidity and tannins with a rich aftertaste...
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Tetramythos winery dynamic entrance in the field of natural organic wines is quite impressive.This wine comes from privately owned vines in a vineyard at 715 m. It is mainly rocky soil with a north exposure that gives a cool wine character. Classical red vinification with "natural" protocol that sta..
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Tetramythos winery dynamic entrance in the field of natural organic wines is quite impressive.Roditis Naturε comes from nearly 50 years old vines planted in a cup form at 850 meters in mountainous Aigialia . In the Tetramythos Naturε category, it is the mainstream of the two variants of Roditis. The..
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Lagos & Chelona is the new rosé natural wine of the Markogiannis winery, from the varieties Roditi (45%), Refosco (22%), Mavroudi (20%) and Asproudes (13%), coming from the family vineyard in the semi-mountainous Olympia. Roditis stays in contact with the marcs, waiting for the other varieties, ..
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Papargyriou Winery Le Vigneron Grec 2021
JR '15
Golden color of an Assyrtiko that was fermented for 10 days with its marc, but also Muscat marc, and was aged for about seven months in barrels of 500 liters. Aromas of apricot jam, peach, orange peel and some muscat notes. Full and exuberant mouth feel with rich tannins that evolves over time. Long..
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