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Vassaltis Santorini 2018 New

Vassaltis Santorini 2018

Shiny gold color and elegant complex nose aromas, such as green apple, peach, flint. Strict mineral character with oily hints and salty aftertaste. ..

26.00€ 25.60€Ex Tax: 20.65€

Dreamcatcher Assyrtiko 2018

Pale yellow color and aromas of herbs, lime and pineapple. Rich mouthfeel with acidity and a fruity aftertaste. Fresh and quite lengthy finish. ..

5.60€ 5.50€Ex Tax: 4.44€

Kallisti Reserve 2017 New

Kallisti Reserve 2017

Golden yellow color, fruity aromas of ripe apple, quince, white-fleshed peaches and citrus with fine notes of tobacco and dried fruit, honey and vanilla. Mouth greasy, well-structured and balanced, wi..

25.70€ 24.90€Ex Tax: 20.08€

X-Bourgo White 2018

X-BOURGO is a fascinating project by entrepreneur Theodoros Kosmopoulos. The name refers to the imposing hill of Exomvourgo, where the medieval capital of Tinos, the Castle, was once built. Exomvourgo..

19.90€Ex Tax: 16.05€

Tetramythos White 2018

Pale lemon colour with light green hues. Intense and complex aroma, with notes of citrus and flowers. Mouth with volume and an interesting acidity that elevates this wine to a higher level. Pleasant a..

9.20€ 8.80€Ex Tax: 7.10€

Mega Spileo Moschato 2018

Dry Muscat from high altitude vineyards in Achaia, Peloponnese, typically displaying rose petals, oregano, citrus and nettles scents. Pure and vibrant on the palate, with low alcohol and a fresh zingy..

7.80€ 7.60€Ex Tax: 6.13€

Thalassitis (Barrel) 2017

Pale yellow color with hints of lemon, iodine aromas, citrus fruits, acacia flowers, butter and mineral notes, complemented by an elegant barrel sensation both on the nose and the mouth, where its sha..

32.90€ 31.50€Ex Tax: 25.40€

Thalassitis 2018

Pale yellow color with hints of lemon, iodine aromas, citrus, butter and mineral notes, both on the nose and the mouth, where the acidity predominates. Cool, with good volume and flavor. ..

23.20€ 22.40€Ex Tax: 18.06€

Lyrarakis Plyto Psarades 2018

The Plytó grape variety was saved from extinction by the Lyrarakis family, when it was planted in the "Psarades" family vineyard in central Crete in the early '90s.Single vineyard wine from the Psarad..

10.10€ 9.80€Ex Tax: 7.90€

Methymneos Orange 2017

Characteristic amber color, with medium intensity aromas, where particularly citrus scents such as citrus, bergamot and sweet orange stand out. With hints of lemon zest, butter, dried figs and caramel..

13.80€ 13.20€Ex Tax: 10.65€

Mylonas Malagousia 2018

An outstanding Malagousia from Stamatis Mylonas, that is hand harvested from three selected vineyards in the area of Keratea in Attica.2018 was a challenging vintage for Malagousia, because of rainfal..

9.00€ 8.80€Ex Tax: 7.10€

Diamantakos Preknadi 2018

Pale golden-yellow color, with a particular aromatic character where you can feel the scents of ripe apples and bergamot, tomato, fig, vanilla and honey with metallic hints. In the mouth it is greasy,..

13.10€ 12.90€Ex Tax: 10.40€

Iron S 2016

The Sideritis variety is a noble variety of Achaea, which now tends to disappear. Golden color, with delicate and soft perfumes of citrus tones such as bitter orange, bergamot and lemon blossoms. Also..

9.10€ 8.90€Ex Tax: 7.18€

Kleftes 2018

Clear, moderate but shiny lemon color. As it approaches the nose, a burst of primary perfumes begins with the aromas of nuts, such as ripe peach, leading the way. Green fruits, such as quince and ripe..

8.30€Ex Tax: 6.69€

Tomi White 2018

A signature Moschofilero P.D.O. Mantineia, with careful selection of grapes from low-yielding vineyards. Typical fragrances of citrus, white flowers, white-flesh fruit and vanilla. Slightly acidic but..

9.20€ 8.90€Ex Tax: 7.18€

Sigalas Santorini (Barrel) 2018

Yellowish, with complex aromatic character with minerality that enhances the steel scents of a delicate barrel flavor, fruits, vanilla and honey. Mouth rich, crisp and robust, with rigor and mineral-l..

30.30€ 29.30€Ex Tax: 23.63€

Markogiannis Orange 2018

Golden-yellow color and a soft mouth, that create a bouquet of citrus, fresh fruits and lemon flower. Long and pleasant aftertaste. ..

12.20€ 11.80€Ex Tax: 9.52€

Hoof & Lur 2018

A new interpretation of Moschofilero that is partly fermented with the skins from rising fast, Troupis winery in Arcadia, Peloponnese. On the nose floral and intense with citrus fruit, white pepper an..

13.60€ 13.40€Ex Tax: 10.81€

Mylonas Assyrtiko 2018

Assyrtiko may became famous in the volcanic soils of Santorini where its archetypal version is produced, but there are amazing examples all over Greece. One of these is Assyrtiko from Stamatis Mylonas..

7.90€ 7.70€Ex Tax: 6.21€

Chrisohoou Prekniariko 2017

It has the rustic character and air of a 6-month aging in oak barrels. The aromas of tobacco and roasted nuts, along with the delicate scent of caramel and jam, compose a very special personality whic..

14.50€ 13.70€Ex Tax: 11.05€

Alargo Assyrtiko 2016

An Assyrtiko from Crete and the terroir of Dafnes in 350m altitude, vinified by Nikos Douloufakis. The name Alargo means "afar" and its label shows a Cretan man that looks at his home-island from..

12.30€ 11.90€Ex Tax: 9.60€

Idealista 2017

Following the success of its experimental Aglianico, the upcoming Kitrvs winery in Pieria, Macedonia continues in similar unconventional and revolutionary paths with a white variety this time. The exu..

12.60€Ex Tax: 10.16€

Simeonidis Malagouzia 2018

Soft lemon color, aromas with bold citrus fruit, lemon blossoms , grated zest of lime & orange peel, and hints of peach and pineapple compote. Cool mouthsense emphasized by a vivacious aci..

10.40€ 10.20€Ex Tax: 8.23€

Kamkoutis Malagousia 2018

Bright yellow color with green shades, intense aromas of flowers and white fruit framed by crisp acidity and balanced body. ..

8.90€Ex Tax: 7.18€

Mistiko Monopati Malagousia 2018

 The exquisite Thracian vineyard, the low-temperature fermentation, followed by 4 months on the lees, create a wine of strong aromatic character, offering a bouquet of flowers, peach and citrus, ..

12.30€Ex Tax: 9.92€

Porto Carras Malagouzia 2018

White-yellow color with green hues. Complex aromas with blossom and botanical character, chamomile and peppermint, but also exotic fruits. Generous and round mouthfeel with special intensity and durat..

14.80€ 13.90€Ex Tax: 11.21€

Theodorakakos Kydonitsa 2018

Straw bright color, mild aromas of yellow fruits and vanilla. Good sense body, well-balanced, aromatic, lemon-like mouth-feel with a medium-level acidity and a good finish. ..

8.50€Ex Tax: 6.85€

Primus Zitsa 2017 Out Of Stock

Primus Zitsa 2017

Shiny pale golden-green color, aromas of apple, pear and peach. Υouthful and elegant taste with acidity that brings out the freshness of fruits. ..

11.50€ 10.90€Ex Tax: 8.79€