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 A different interpretation of the extremely popular Malagousia variety, presented by the talented winemaker Christos Zafirakis.Vines of up to 20 years old from sandy-clay soils with high concentration of flint in the area of Tirnavos. Altitude varies from 200 to 300m. "Natural" wine-making approach..
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Unfiltered, without any addition of sulphite, Rhoditis is produced in 15.000 bottles. It comes from the private owned 25-year-old vineyard. Pure fruit on the nose and a nice combination of volume and finesse. Texture wine with charming aromas of ripe apple. Alcohol at 11.7%...
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Sant'Or Winery Santameriana 2021
JR '18
Low yields of 200 kilos per acre, from mainly shale soils with a 60% gradient to 400 meters. Soft nose with pure grape aromas. Skin contact vinification for 20 days, followed by 6 months of maturation. Complex aromas with white pepper and bergamot and several tannins...
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Brand: Ktima Ligas
Ligas winery creates Roditis Barrique, a different Roditis fermented with native yeasts, matured in old large oak barrels for 8-12 months and then bottled unfiltered. In the glass we have a golden yellow color. The nose is rich, with aromas of dried citrus fruits, yeast, white pepper, with the miner..
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Garalis winery, with an eye on tradition, creates a wonderful white Retsina of gentle vinification from 100% Muscat of Alexandria.In the glass we find a lemon color. The nose is flooded with aromas of dried citrus fruits, thyme, with the pine always present and some notes of mastic and honey followi..
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In the glass we have an intense lemon color. On the nose we find elegant and delicate citrus aromas, floral aromas follow and are complemented by a mineral sensation with brioche notes. Full on the palate, slightly creamy, with lively acidity and a lasting aftertaste...
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On the face we have a light lemon color. On the nose we find stone fruit aromas followed by citrus fruits, framed by subtle floral and herbal notes. On the palate it is full, with good acidity, a subtle oiliness and a lasting aftertaste...
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Pale yellow color and aromas of herbs, lime and pineapple. Rich mouthfeel with acidity and a fruity aftertaste. Fresh and quite lengthy finish...
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Golden yellow color with green, pleasant hues. Ripe aromas with a clear barrel taste. Scents of vanilla, apricot compote, ripe mango and melon, honey and distinctive flowers on the nose. Medium-body mouth feel, not a quite lively acidity which gives the sensation of oiliness. Both taste and aftertas..
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A very particular white wine produced in small quantities and in an as natural manner as possible. Yellow to orange color with aromas of nuts, caramel, apricot and orange marmalade. Robust, exuberant and slightly tannic mouthsense where caramelized nuts are felt. Long aftertaste. This vintage came w..
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Many people think that Roditis is not capable of great performance, but efforts like those of the Sant'Or winery are firmly contradicting them. Organic and dry vineyards on hill slopes in Achaia that are softly vinified to give flavors of lemon and white fruit. Well-structured body with a long after..
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Domaine Papagiannakos Savatiano Old Vineyards 2021
RP '16
JR '16
D '15
Papagiannakos winery is one of the oldest bottling Savvatiano while the winemaker is referred as the "patriarch" of the Attica vineyard variety, highlighting its potential. Vibrant look with bright golden-yellow color. Pure, intense and fruity nose with some mineral notes. Balanced flavor with nice ..
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