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Solid red color, with complex bouquet having intense jam shades, bitter chocolate, violet, cinnamon, vanilla and touches of nutmeg and tonka. Mouth with richness and structure, well built, having sharp tannins with plenty of fruit that reaches even the final aftertaste...
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Theopetra Estate Red 2017
RP '12
D '16
Silver (91)
Intense aromatic character with butter, caramel and vanilla fragrances, as also scents of fruits and tobacco. Sweetness, acidity and tannins, all well balanced in the mouth...
14.40€ 14.90€
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Avantis Estate Agios Chronos (Holy Time) 2016
RP '15
D '16
Silver (90)
Pure red color with purple hues. Animal aromas on the nose, with elements of spices, such as cinnamon and carnation, but also ink, fresh red fruits and hints of alcohol. Fine tannins, warm mouth with alcohol, strong acidity and fruity, strongly peppery aftertaste...
24.30€ 24.80€
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Our beloved Agiorgitiko and the international Syrah are being cultivated on bassaltic soils and later blended on a limited quantity that deserves our attention. Andreou Winery produces wines with little to no intervention, with excellent results that highlight both varieties. Nose of dried plum, ras..
11.90€ 12.30€
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Palivos Ploutos 2017
RP '13
Dark plum color with an initiallly closed "nose". With stirring and retention in the glass, solid aromas are reveiled, focusing on black fruits, ink, brown and green pepper, with hints of fresh herbs. Sweet and sour mouthfeel, with velvety tannins and a long peppery aftertaste with a blackberry jam ..
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Silva Enstikto Red 2012
Out Of Stock
Dark, solid color, and deep, complex nose of ripe red fruit, vanilla, licorice aromas and notes of ham. Velvety and exuberant tannins, dominating mouth feeland giving personality and character to the wine. Ripe fruit feeling into a long...
18.60€ 19.00€
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Combining the energy of the Macedonian Xinomavro with the richness of the cosmopolitan Merlot, Genesis is a modern wine that offers a complete taste experience that you want to enjoy every day. Bright ruby color with purple highlights. Aromas of fresh strawberry and cherry, subtle notes of tomato an..
7.00€ 7.10€
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Dalamaras Ayehoros 2018
RP '14
Medium intensity burgundy colour, in a wine that combines harmoniously the two varieties. Buttery fragrances combined with hints of tomato paste, plum jam and peppers, marrying with olive paste and fresh oregano. Mouth with good structure, strong personality, soft tannins, juicy and nervous...
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Miliarakis Winery started to vinify local varieties in the early 1930s in Peza, Crete. One of the most important wineries in the Cretan wine business, works with dedication on both local and international varieties, bringing out the Cretan wine.Red Turtle is a classic GSM blend, just as they make it..
11.90€ 12.30€
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Estate Alpha Red 2017 Estate Alpha Red 2017
RP '17
JR '16
D '17
Silver (90)
Only 1 Left
Rich, concentrated red wine with pure aromas, intense tannins and a long aftertaste. A wine with Character and beautiful notes of smoked wood, candied fruits and vanilla developped during the aging in oak barrels...
23.30€ 24.00€
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Ruby color with brown highlights and nose dominated by the Merlot variety with notes of cherry & plum, flowering cues, vanilla and significant earthy aromas. Sweet and soft mouthsense with well-structured tannins, nice fruits and fine vanilla finish...
11.20€ 11.40€
Ex Tax:9.03€
Skouras Megas Oinos 2016 Skouras Megas Oinos 2016
RP '16
JR '13
D '13
Bronze (86)
Deep red, attractive color, with an impressive aromatic palette where vanilla is starring, followed by cherry jam, red bilberries and juniper berries, with traces of chocolate, herbs, peppers and baked wood. Robust mouth with nice style, elegant and balanced. Long lasting aftertaste...
20.90€ 21.70€
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