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Skouras Anniversary Labyrinth 21 Skouras Anniversary Labyrinth 21
RP '16
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Domaine Skouras, honoring and celebrating the 200 years since the Greek Revolution of 1821, created an authentic collecting experience, the anniversary Labyrinth 21. Babis Leggas and the laboratory of collectible bookbinding and special editions undertook the design and construction of the handmade,..
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Mavro Kalavritino from the historical vineyards of Aegialia meets the cosmopolitan Merlot, creating an enjoyable blend.Deep red color in the glass, with violet highlights. On the nose it is characterized by black and red fruits, dried flowers, with the discreet presence of vanilla and cocoa. The pal..
8.70€ 8.90€
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Gaia Wines launches 3 new labels in its basic range of Peloponnese wines with a more complex character, yet enjoyable at every occasion. Monograph red is a wine that can be enjoyed comfortably even during summer at slightly lower temperatures, as well as all others seasons. It has a deep red to viol..
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Iordanis Michailides is a third generation winemaker in the area of Drama and he has been devoted in the production of high quality and expressive wines in a modern winery. Pyli Red is a fragrant and rich wine, produced from a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Merlot.Aromas of blueberries, fore..
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Dougos Rapsani 2018
RP '12
JR '15
Dark red, slightly transparent color with pink highlights and a nose filled with scents of tomato, pepper, plum and tobacco. Medium body mouth feel,with distinct but well-crafted tannins, roundness and a strong , fruity character in the aftertastet...
10.90€ 11.20€
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Skouras Synoro 2015 Skouras Synoro 2015
RP '15
JR '12
D '11
Silver (91)
Dark purple color with depth and intensity. The nose is intense and exudes aromas of ripe dark fruit and spicy spices. Equally fragrant mouthsense with vigorous but good quality tannins, fresh acidity and subtle presence of the barrel. Great aftertaste...
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The second bottling of Raspani Terra Petra continues its very successful start. A combination of fruity and earthly fragrances provided by the schist soils and the wine-making baguette of Apostolos Thymiopoulos. The mouth is firm but already enjoyable, possessing Rapsani's exotic signature...
16.80€ 17.10€
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Pieria Erateini Efhes Erateines Red 2018 Pieria Erateini Efhes Erateines Red 2018
RP '12
Deep red color. Aromas of red fruits, spicy spices, tomato paste, sweet gentle oak, cherries and plums. Thick mouth sense with good acidity and well-structured tannins. Aftertaste with peppery duration...
13.90€ 14.30€
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Strofilia Rare Earths Galari 2018
D '17
Silver (91)
The Rare Earths series is the choice of people in the Strofilia Estate to highlight both their excellent work on local and international varieties and the individual vineyards that they have distinguished throughout the years. Galari, located in Ancient Nemea, is characterized by three innovative de..
15.20€ 15.50€
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Idaia Ghi Kotsifali Mandilari 2015
RP '14
D '12
Bright red with red-terracotta hues. Nose with emphasis on vanilla and cherry. Fruity mouth with presence of forest fruits and typical acidity. Soft, well structured tannins with nice cool aftertaste...
10.50€ 11.00€
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Theopetra Estate Red 2015 Magnum Theopetra Estate Red 2015 Magnum
RP '12
D '12
Out Of Stock
Intense aromatic character with butter, caramel and vanilla fragrances, as also scents of fruits and tobacco. Sweetness, acidity and tannins, all well balanced in the mouth...
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Dougos Meth Imon 7 2017
RP '10
Red color with pink highlights, predominent scents of barrel and ripe red fruits on the nose, as also a light animal, mint, apple geranium and vanilla. Sweet, fine and well crafted mouth-feel, with fine tannins and excellent balance. Spicy finish...
19.80€ 20.50€
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