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Diamantakis - Winery

The Diamantakis winery was founded in 2007 by the family members of Nicholaos G. Diamantakis: Ioannis, Michalis and Zacharias. The first two are third-generation vine-growers who have extensive experience in viticulture and are in charge of the winery’s vineyards; whereas Zacharias, having studied oenology, is involved in the process of winemaking and promoting the wine. The winery is a modern new producer of quality wines in Crete. It is located southwest of the city of Heraklion in the heart of the province Malevizi, outside the village of Kato Asites and the historic Monastery of St. George Gorgolaini, in the eastern foothills of Psiloritis at an altitude of 450 meters, a region with a long history in vine cultivation and the production of wines and spirits. The family’s love and passion for quality wine, combined with their long tradition in viticulture, led to the creation of a small winery in the region for processing grapes from 70 acres of privately owned land, on which several varieties of grapes are cultivated: Greek, local and international. To these were added another 25 acres, arranged in terraces and planted in the spring of 2010. The fruit of the first bottling, in 2008, rendered 2 fresh wines under the name Prinos, a white Malvasia Di Candia Aromatica-Chardonnay and a red Syrah. In early 2010, the winery released a new label under the name Diamond Rock 2008, with an aged red wine from the varieties of Syrah and Mandilari. Another new label, Vidiano, was added to the winery’s selection early in 2011, made from a variety of white grape native to Crete, and its first vintage produced 7,000 bottles. All of the Diamantakis wines have participated in competitions and have won major awards in some of the biggest international wine competitions: Decanter World Wine Awards, Vienna Wine Challenge, International Wine Challenge, Les Citadelles Du Vin, Challenge International Du Vin, Concours Mondial Du Bruxelles. The family is dedicated to creating fine wines that are in harmony with the unique microclimate of the region. One of the winery’s goals is to make use of special native varieties such as Vidiano and Mandilari as they have faith in the future development of these local varieties and their ability to create exceptional wines.

Winery Diamantakis Diamantopetra White 2022
D '14
A wonderful blend of two of the most dynamic, insular varieties that highlight their characteristics in perfect balance, framed by the caress of the barrel. Soft aromas of tropical fruit, unripe grapes, tea leaves and orange zest, elegantly tie with delicate hints of vanilla and nuts. The mouthfeel ..
14.60€ 14.90€
Ex Tax:11.77€
In the era of Venetian-occupied Crete, the pedals from the loom of Agios Antonios Monastery nuns resounded to the Asites. Today the traditional Assyrtiko variety is cultivated in the same places and carves our future wine memories. It has a medium lemon color with golden highlights. The aromas consi..
Ex Tax:7.98€
Winery Diamantakis Diamantopetra Red 2018
D '14
Silver (90)
Intense red color with brick hues.  Nose with the characteristic presence of forest fruits, vanilla, cherry, spice, chocolate and roasted meat. Soft, fine tannins, medium-bodied and well-structured volume...
13.50€ 13.90€
Ex Tax:10.89€
Winery Diamantakis Vidiano 2022
D '16
Silver (90)
Pale yellow color and impressive nose with hints of peach and saffron, banana, lemon leaves and pepper. Mouth creamy and tasty, with good acidity and aromatic aftertaste...
9.30€ 9.50€
Ex Tax:7.50€
Liatiko makes a statement for Greek wine, combining ripeness with solid tannic structure and a wonderful aromatic bouquet. Diamantakis winery in Asites of Heraklion produces one of the best wines which was awarded with a Gold medal in 2019 Decanter Awards.Soft red color, reminiscent of mature Barolo..
9.50€ 9.80€
Ex Tax:7.66€
In the era of Venetian-occupied Crete, the pedals from the loom of the nuns of the Monastery of Agios Antonios resounded to the Asites. Today the traditional Assyrtiko variety is cultivated in the same places and carves our future wine memories. On the face we find a medium lemon color with golden h..
8.40€ 9.30€
Ex Tax:6.77€
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