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Garalis Winery

Garalis winery, with an eye on tradition, creates a wonderful white Retsina of gentle vinification from 100% Muscat of Alexandria.In the glass we find a lemon color. The nose is flooded with aromas of dried citrus fruits, thyme, with the pine always present and some notes of mastic and honey followi..
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A Muscat of Alexandria of natural winemaking. The vineyards are up to 45 years old and the wine has stayed with the marcs for 8 days (skin contact), acquiring a vibrant lemon color.Typical Muscat nose with floral aromas but with more depth and complexity than a classic expression of variety. Aromas ..
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Garalis Retsina of Lemnos Rosé
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The Garalis winery, focused on tradition, creates a wonderful rosé Retsina of mild vinification, from the Muscat of Alexandria (90%) and Limnio (10%) varieties.In the glass we find a pink color with orange highlights. Aromas of orange, rose, sage, thyme flood our noses, with pine being constantly pr..
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Terra Roza is a mild vinification rosé from the volcanic island of Lemnos, which combines Muscat of Alexandria (90%) and Limnio (10%), which is added fermented before bottling. Harvesting is done by hand and then remains with the skins for 8 days, bottled unfiltered, unfined and without added sulfit..
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In the glass we have a soft salmon color. On the nose we find pleasant aromas of red fruits, citrus fruits, nuts, with notes of flowers to follow. The palate has a moderate body, crisp acidity and a good aftertaste...
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