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Distillate Palaiothen

Bright yellow color and mild intensity aromas, in a classy, round distillate round, with vanilla, wood, caramel and peach notes. Harmony in the mouth, balanced sweetness and spice aromas. ..

38.40€ 37.70€Ex Tax: 30.40€

Tsipouro Voreas with anise

Fresh and spicy, well-made raki, with nerve and refreshing grape aromas that tie harmoniously with the scents of anise. ..

10.10€Ex Tax: 8.15€

Arhonti with anise

Explosive aromas of anise and fresh herbs, spicy mouth, but soft, non-sharp, delicious aftertaste. ..

11.20€Ex Tax: 9.03€

Avaton without anise

Made from the vineyards Metohi Chromitsa of Agio Orow. Has a delicately fruity nose, spicy, soft mouth but with slight sweetness in the aftertaste and good durability. ..

10.10€ 10.00€Ex Tax: 8.06€

Ouzo Apalarina Red

Delectable and cool, with balanced flavor and anise offering an interesting intense sensation which surrounds its round body. Peppery and anisse aftertaste. ..

12.70€Ex Tax: 10.24€

Liqueur Masticha Apalarina

Pure and lively mastic aroma, combined with scents of licorice, lemon peel and ginger. Mouth with sweetness and intensity, but also strongly aromatic aftertaste. ..

11.70€Ex Tax: 9.44€

Tsipouro Tirnavou without anise

Crystal distillate wirh rich aromatic bouquet, hints of spices, apple, pear and grape which last in the mouth. Unique and delicate taste. ..

12.10€Ex Tax: 9.76€

Tsipouro Tirnavou with anise

Transparent, with delicate aromatic character, quite fresh, with herbal and floral accents. Mouth sharp but balanced, pungent,with a characteristic sweet sense of anise in the aftertaste. ..

12.30€Ex Tax: 9.92€

Tsipouro Tsililis without anise 0.7lt

Glowing, with rich harmonic and sophisticated banana, rose and exotic fruits aromas. Fruity taste, strongly alcoholic, with a sense of citrus accompanying the aftertaste. ..

11.40€Ex Tax: 9.19€

Tsipouro Tsililis with anise 0.7lt

Crystal white, with buttery aromas, combined with anise ending with an aggressive way. Pleasant and round mouth feel. Richly flavored with balanced sweetness wine with an interesting aftertaste anise ..

11.40€Ex Tax: 9.19€

Liqueur Masticha Tetteris 500ml

Mastic aroma, discreet on the nose and more lively in taste. Balanced and elegant sweetness. ..

10.80€Ex Tax: 8.71€

Tsipouro Babatzim without anise 0.7lt

A crystal distillate with distinctive fruit and mellow, masculine flavor. It is strong and sweet, well crafted with a rustic touch. ..

13.50€Ex Tax: 10.89€

Tsipouro Babatzim with anise 0.7lt

An attended raki with a characteristic aromatic intensity with paved flavor, spicy, refreshing and aromatic. ..

13.70€Ex Tax: 11.05€

Ouzo Babatzim

Fragrant and elegant, fills the nose and palate with aromas of anise and has a balanced mouth with a mild sweetness and aromatic aftertaste. ..

10.40€Ex Tax: 8.39€

Tsipouro Idoniko without anise 0.7lt

Product of Multiple distillation in copper stills, this tsipouro has pure aromas and fruity character with hints of citrus. Smooth mouth feel, but also spicy and exuberant in the same time, so as t..

11.90€Ex Tax: 9.60€