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Liqueur Citrus Chilli 200ml

Extremely aromatic liqueur due to the number of essential oils coming from citrus. The unusual fusion of the citrus aromas and the discreet shade of mint, with hot pepper, results to a fiery taste exp..

9.90€Ex Tax: 7.98€

Liqueur Olive 200ml

The olive tree, the main tree of Crete and one of the most beneficial for health, is the key ingredient for this liqueur! Fruit and olive leaves, herbs and flowers are used to make this liqueur and..

9.88€Ex Tax: 7.97€

Aged Distillate Semeli

With strongly aromatic nose that exudes lavish aromas of candied fruit, caramel and sweet spices, this elegant distillate has mouthsense with concentrated aromas of smoke and wood, delicate and balanc..

24.10€Ex Tax: 19.44€

Babatzim Merlot Distillate Out Of Stock

Babatzim Merlot Distillate

Crystal color, with a rich aromatic bouquet, resulting from the distillation of the merlot marcs. Red fruits, butter and fine spices, spicy scents that last and mouthsense, with distinctive and del..

17.30€ 17.00€Ex Tax: 13.71€

Babatzim Malvasia Distillate Out Of Stock

Babatzim Malvasia Distillate

Complex and aromatic character, in a distillate that is full of aromas of the raw materials. Fresh fruits such as peaches, apples & citrus, hints of flowers.  Mouthsense is equally impressive..

17.30€ 17.00€Ex Tax: 13.71€

Babatzim Cabernet Distillate Out Of Stock

Babatzim Cabernet Distillate

A crystal distillate, with aromatic richness and flavor. Very pure aromas of violets, graphite and tobacco, which refer to raw materials. Delicate taste with a sharp finish. ..

16.10€ 15.90€Ex Tax: 12.82€

Babatzim Chardonnay Distillate Out Of Stock

Babatzim Chardonnay Distillate

Transparent and extremely balanced, with soft tone aromas, reminiscent of vanilla, apple and tropical fruit. Elegant, velvety mouthsense with flavor of ripe quinces and figs. ..

16.10€ 15.90€Ex Tax: 12.82€

Aged Tsipouro Epirotiko

Golden color in a wonderful spirit aged in oak barrels for at least a year. It acquires complex aromas of ripe apples, vanilla, nuts, spices & tobacco.  Creamy and sharp mouthsense with nice ..

25.00€Ex Tax: 20.16€

Metaxa 12 years old

Light amber color with gold hues and aromas of smoke, since the aging barrels have worked been processed with interior burning. It is a mature spirit, dry, rich, sharp, with well balanced aftertast..

37.00€Ex Tax: 29.84€

Tsipouro Soniadi with anise

A special crystal white Greek tsipouro, where anise is quietly involved in its aromatic character, giving a buttery composition of herbal scents in an anise background. Rich flavor with balanced sw..

11.90€Ex Tax: 9.60€

Ouzo Plomari Pitsiladi

Different and peculiar ouzo with rare finesse and raciness, as well as nice, rich flavor and balanced taste with very distinctive sweetness. ..

15.00€Ex Tax: 12.10€

Tsililis Xinomavro Distillate Out Of Stock

Tsililis Xinomavro Distillate

This distillate encapsulates the character of this particular Greek variety. Shiny color complex aromas of earthy flavors like dried leaves, dried tomato and sweet spices like cloves and black pepper...

16.70€ 16.60€Ex Tax: 13.39€

Methexis Cigar

Clean, bright copper-yellowish color with harmonious and exuberant aromatic palette. Reminiscent of brandy, wood, vanilla, spice and caramel. Elegant mouth sense, fairly sweet, with very interesting f..

44.20€ 43.20€Ex Tax: 34.84€

Meteoro tsipouro without anise 500ml

A distillate with very clear aromas, where the Muscat has a dominant role. Medium body mouth feel, with the alcohol being well felt, but not being aggressive. You can try it neat (before adding water ..

9.90€Ex Tax: 7.98€

Aged Tsipouro Kardasis

Amber color with aromas of ripe fruit, vanilla, caramel, chocolate and wood. Εxuberant and balanced taste with an elegant spicy aftertaste. ..

35.60€Ex Tax: 28.71€

Adolo Ouzo Plomari

A third distillation ouzo, dainty, crystalline, with delicious aroma of masticha. With moderate sweetness and a gurgling freshness that gives coolness ..

16.80€Ex Tax: 13.55€

Limoncello Stefos

Color greenish yellow. Rich and intense Chios lemon flavor It is served frozen, usually after a good meal. A Greek limoncello prepared traditionally the way they used to prepare it for the at least la..

13.00€Ex Tax: 10.48€

Liqueur Masticha Psichis Out Of Stock

Liqueur Masticha Psichis

The liqueur Masticha Psichis is produced from the distillation of mastic coming from specific mastic trees from the island of Chios. In this way, it holds the product designation of origin (PDO) desig..

14.80€Ex Tax: 11.94€

Ouzo Rempiko

It took its name from the traditional bronze alembic, as it is called in the Chian dialect. Pure and rich anise aroma. Round and balanced mouth sense with finesse and spicy aftertaste. ..

10.80€Ex Tax: 8.71€

Tsipouro Kosteas without anise

Crystal, transparent appearance, with intense fruity aromas which are dominated by fresh grapes with traces of fresh oregano. Mouth cool and spicy, with soft finishing. ..

10.60€Ex Tax: 8.55€

Aged Tsipouro Kosteas

Amber, mild color, in an aged distillate with aromas of vanilla, yellow fruit jams, dried fruits and nuts, but also traces from the barrel. Greasy and generous mouth, with fragrant and spicy aftertast..

21.70€Ex Tax: 17.50€

Tsipouro Soniadi without anise

A delicious tsipouro (greek traditional distillate) with a distinct aromatic character, in a composition of herbal fragrances, such as green peppers, thyme and olive, with fruity overtones and a ri..

11.10€Ex Tax: 8.95€

Dark Cave

A ripe, golden distillate with a wide range of varietal honeyed aromas like prunes, raisins, peel, bergamot and spicy fragrances of vanilla, chocolate and nutmeg, combined with a robust but light-bodi..

34.30€ 32.60€Ex Tax: 26.29€

Fi Artisanal Liqueur 200ml

Based on the original recipe of Kythera Fatourada coming from the Venetian history. The artisan liqueur FI character emerges, from the extraction of natural fragrances of fresh peel of two different o..

16.10€Ex Tax: 12.98€

Fi Artisanal Liqueur 500ml

Based on the original recipe of Kythera Fatourada coming from the Venetian history. The artisan liqueur FI character emerges, from the extraction of natural fragrances of fresh peel of two different o..

29.20€Ex Tax: 23.55€

Smyrnio Red

Clean and sparky aromas of anise on the nose, accompanied by undertones of citrus and fresh herbs. Round and balanced mouth feel which, despite the 42 degrees of alcohol, is characterised by finesse a..

13.40€Ex Tax: 10.81€

Smyrnio Blue Classic

Soft and cool anise aromas on the nose. A soft and easy-to drink ouzo, with an underlying anise flavor its sweetness is well balanced with freshness. ..

11.00€Ex Tax: 8.87€

Distillate Palaiothen

Bright yellow color and mild intensity aromas, in a classy, round distillate round, with vanilla, wood, caramel and peach notes. Harmony in the mouth, balanced sweetness and spice aromas. ..

38.40€ 37.70€Ex Tax: 30.40€