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Makryonitis Syros Distillery

Tsipouro of limited production, aged for three years in French oak barrels, from Monemvasia marcs, Assyrtiko and Serfiotiko, with a complex character and predominant aromas of citrus, caramel and vanilla. Year of distillation 2018...
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Syros introduces us again to the traditional mastic liqueur, through the revival of a recipe of hundreds of years. It comes from 100% Chios Mastic and is characterized by balanced sweetness and low alcohol, just 20% vol. It is distinguished for the simplicity and depth in taste if consumed alone as ..
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After many decades, Syros produces ouzo again! Unique and complex character with a rich aromatic profile and predominant aromas of local fennel and mastic. More specifically, it is a 50% distillation product flavored with anise, asteroid anise, coriander, cardamom, mastic and fennel, at 42% ABV...
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Makryonitis distillery from Syros is a pioneer, creating a distillate from fresh figs. An excellent work, with special organoleptic characteristics and distinctive aroma, due to the selected Syrian fresh figs which, after being collected from the trees, are subjected to controlled fermentation and t..
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Distillate of Cycladic marcs from the varieties Assyrtiko, Serfiotiko and Monemvasia. Awarded in the international competition of spirits Thessaloniki 2020 with a silver medal...
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Fine tsipouro spirit from the Assyrtiko variety, double distilled, as the traditional process commands. It is flavored with several aromatic plants of Syros island. It tastes more like an aperitif than a classic tsipouro and is a perfect match for summer cocktails. Drink on the rocks to enjoy its bo..
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