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EVA - Distillery

The Greek Distillation Company (E.V.A.) is highly modern, and at the same time faithful to tradition. It is located in the metropolis of the Ouzo, Mytilene, Lesvos. E.V.A. is situated on a company-owned plot of 2600 m2 and has over 20 employees, modern distilling apparatuses and bottling facilities of high capacity. The company also has a chemical laboratory with electronic equipment and operates according to the quality management system ISO: 22000 and HACCP. One of the company’s main goals is the excellent quality of the produced distillates and beverages.

A pomegranate liqueur from natural Greek pomegranate's juice and a company is known for its high quality products. It is delightful after dinner as a digestive or in imaginative cocktails, since it is practically a natural grenadine. As a stand alone drink, you can enjoy with tonic or plain...
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Mastic Tears Dry 700ml Mastic Tears Dry 700ml
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Dry mastic produced by distillation of mastic Pistacia lentiscus var. Chia tears (commonly known as mastic trees). Crystal clear with intense mastic aromas in a unique spirit that can be enjoyed as an aperitif or as part of various cocktails...
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A sophisticated liqueur distilled from Chios mastic with a fine aroma and exceptionally balanced taste, with the sweetness caressing the palate without feeling the sugar, while the mastic remains too long in the aftertaste...
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Mastic Tears Classic is a sophisticated liqueur distilled from Chios mastic with a fine aroma and exceptionally balanced taste. With a sweetness that caresses the palate without feeling the sugar, the mastic remains for a pleasing long time in the aftertaste...
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Rejuvenating and delicate, this liqueur aptly combines the Chios Mastiha with lemon. Well-binded resinous aromas with lemon zest refresh your nose and mouth with a very good balance of sweetness and acidity. Τhe aftertaste is also delightful and fragrant...
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