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Lost Lake Hefebrand Distillate
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For the first time in Greece, Lost Lake Distillery created a unique distillate of fine lees (hefebrand). The production process begins as with any distillate: after the fruit is collected and fermented, the fine lees are removed and then distilled. The result is a rich and velvety mouthfeel, with 40..
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Single-variety Robola distillate is like a great film. The script has existed for several years but the conditions of this particular "production" have now given us the fruit we were looking for. Very low acreage yield, controlled fermentation, slow distillation, are just a few of the things we cons..
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Aiming at the absolute taste pleasure and the sense of the classic Greek beauty, Ouzo Aphrodite was born in 1962. This rare distillate, produced at 48% ABV, is based on the finest result of multiple fractions and on pure ingredients, like anise and a number of aromatic plants and seeds. Rich taste t..
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Distillate of Cycladic marcs from the varieties Assyrtiko, Serfiotiko and Monemvasia. Awarded in the international competition of spirits Thessaloniki 2020 with a silver medal...
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Hendrick's Gin
1 - 2 Days
Hendrick's is an artisanal gin produced in small batches, only 500 liters at a time, distilled at Ayrshire in Scotland and its main ingredient is cucumber. An extremely balanced gin, with the required character and the harmony of delicate flavors, where it is enriched with the amazing Bulgarian Rosa..
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Brand: Concepts Ltd
Votanikon is an excellent gin with special taste complexity, which highlights the botanical heritage of Greece. Created from a combination of 20 aromatic herbs such as mountain tea from Olympus, basil and dittany from Crete, juniper from the mountains of Macedonia, Kozani saffron, Chios mastic, citr..
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Brand: Mataroa
Mataroa Pink is the new premium gin of the Melissanidis distillery. Its composition is based on the already favorite recipe of the original Mataroa (12 exquisite herbal ingredients from Mediterranean countries), enriched with two key ingredients, always Mediterranean, pomegranate and hibiscus. Sligh..
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Single-variety tsipouro from Black Muscat of Tyrnavos (Muscat of Hamburg), without anise, from the Stoupaki distillery. The distillation of Mavro Rodo (Black Rose) takes place in small copper cauldrons in Tyrnavos and its aromas are impressive. The typical character of the variety is adorned with ar..
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Aged distillate that matures for at least 5 years in French and American oak barrels. The color is rich amber. Candied stone fruits, orange peel, figs, dark chocolate, vanilla and hazelnuts create a complex aromatic bouquet. The taste is rich and elegant, with a persistent silky texture.It is ideall..
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A white brandy from a blend of varieties, where the aromas of the grapes through the triple distillation have been converted into esters, that is, they are contained in alcohol as hints of the grape varieties. Enriched with herbs that give a light freshness. Drink it like a gin or in a cocktail...
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Blend of varieties that thrive in the Trifilia and Pilos regions, such as Mavroudi, Augoustalidi, Merlot, Grenache Rouge, Cabernet and Agiorgitiko from reds as well as Aleporodites and Sakorodites, Uni Blance, Fileri from whites. Mild tsipouro that is pleasant to drink, as its tendency is to highlig..
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Blend of varieties, the result of three years of aging in oak barrels, which provides an amber color, as well as its tannins, creating a more complex bouquet of flavors with citrus fruit, vanilla and noisette butter to compose a balanced distillate. Drink it with dark chocolate, dark currant, smoked..
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