Tsipouro (also called tsikoudia or raki in Crete) is a quintessential Greek spirit alongside the more commonly recognised Ouzo. Tsipouro is made by distilling the residue of grapes left over from the wine pressing process and produces a strong spirit of 40-45% alcohol. While traditionally tsipouro has no additives to affect taste, certain central and northern regions of Greece are known for producing tsipouro with anise flavour and there is a growing trend of ageing tsipouro in barrels enabling a range of unique flavours related to each barrel's previous use! At Greece and Grapes we are proud to offer a larges election of Greek tsipouro for sale including the popular tsipouro from the Tsililis, Apostolaki and Babatzim distilleries along with some lesser known stars that deserve you attention. With our new reduced shipping charges for the UK, Europe and selected states in the US and our exclusive tsipouro tasting packs it is easy to sample a variety of the modern tsipouros currently being produced in Greece!
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Makryonitis Tsipouro 500ml

Distillate of Cycladic marcs from the varieties Assyrtiko, Serfiotiko and Monemvasia. Awarded in the international competition of spirits Thessaloniki 2020 with a silver medal...

Ex Tax: 9.60€

Mavro Rodo Tsipouro without anise

Single-variety tsipouro from Black Muscat of Tyrnavos (Muscat of Hamburg), without anise, from the Stoupaki distillery. The distillation of Mavro Rodo (Black Rose) takes place in small copper cauldron..

Ex Tax: 10.40€

Ntaraios Tsipouro without anise

Blend of varieties that thrive in the Trifilia and Pilos regions, such as Mavroudi, Augoustalidi, Merlot, Grenache Rouge, Cabernet and Agiorgitiko from reds as well as Aleporodites and Sakorodites, Un..

Ex Tax: 12.82€

Makryonitis Plantae Tsipouro 500ml

Fine tsipouro spirit from the Assyrtiko variety, double distilled, as the traditional process commands. It is flavored with several aromatic plants of Syros island. It tastes more like an aperitif tha..

Ex Tax: 14.35€

Tsipouro Zacharia Organic 700ml

Delicate and discreet character, balanced with clear and intense aromas. The marcs are carefully selected from Roditis grapes, grown in the valley of Muses. Just the “heart” of the distilled product i..

13.70€ 13.40€
Ex Tax: 10.81€

Markogiannis Tsipouro

Selected grape marc by the family vineyard (mainly Roditis, Mavroudi, Asyrtiko, Moschato) after wine-making for the production of quality wines are fermented with controlled fermentation and then main..

14.90€ 13.90€
Ex Tax: 11.21€

Avantes Tsipouro 700ml

The tsipouro of Avantes Distillery, located in Evia, is produced in a traditional way by distilling selected grape varieties. Distinctive aromatic bouquet, fruit floavors and long aftertaste, perfectl..

Ex Tax: 10.40€

Jivaeri Tsipouro without anise 700ml

It comes from muscat grapes which ensure a distillate with high aromatic and rich flavor profile, being enhanced by the addition of quality seeds and herbs during the distillation. Clean, crystal clea..

Ex Tax: 11.69€

To Sinetairistiko Tsipouro Tirnavou without anise

It comes from the distillation exclusively of Muscat Tyrnavos grapes, giving a crystal clear distillate with rich aromatic bouquet reminiscent of apple, pear, currant and rose. These aromas are also f..

Ex Tax: 9.35€

Zeta Tsipouro 500ml

Double distillated tsipouro from Debina marc. It is distilled at mild temperature keeping the primary aromas of citrus, apple and cinnamon...

Ex Tax: 9.60€

Tsipouro Apostolaki without anise 0.7lt

Clear, strong and aromatic, tsipouro Apostolakis is one of the most famous Greek tsipouro. Full bodied and hot on the palate, can be drunk neat or with ice cubes at every moment and occasion...

12.00€ 11.60€
Ex Tax: 9.35€

Tsipouro Dekaraki 700ml

Clear, crisp, colorless with dense tears that drop back at a medium speed. Clear and intense aromas of fig, raisin, walnut and rose. Full bodied with warm alcohol and dry sense. The aromas are now fel..

Ex Tax: 9.68€

Tsipouro Zacharia without anise 700ml

Delicate and distinctive character, clear and intense aromas, warm sensation of alcohol on the plaqte, with round body and balanced flavor...

12.40€ 12.00€
Ex Tax: 9.68€

To Kalo Mas Tsipouro 500ml

A unique tsipouro produced from the distillation of marc from the finest vineyards. Only the "heart" of the spirit is kept, since it is the cleanest and purest side. However, good tsipouro requires th..

Ex Tax: 7.66€
To Kalo Mas Tsipouro 700ml Out Of Stock

To Kalo Mas Tsipouro 700ml

A unique tsipouro produced from the distillation of marc from the finest vineyards. Only the "heart" of the spirit is kept, since it is the cleanest and purest side. However, good tsipouro requires th..

Ex Tax: 9.60€

Tsipouro Sigalas

Tsipouro Sigalas comes from the Assyrtiko and Mavrotragano grape marcs. This product comes from marcs 2013 double distillation. Clear, medium intensity appearance with aromas of herbs and flowers. Sof..

20.50€ 20.10€
Ex Tax: 16.21€

Tsipouro Navarino Vineyards

This blended tsipouro has been produced at a low temperature in copper stills under the careful supervision of experienced distillers. Soft, aromatic, from selected grapes...

21.10€ 20.50€
Ex Tax: 16.53€

Tsipouro Babatzim without anise 0.2lt

A crystal distillate with distinctive fruit and mellow, masculine flavor. It is strong and sweet, well crafted with a rustic touch...

Ex Tax: 0.00€

Meteoro tsipouro without anise 500ml

A distillate with very clear aromas, where the Muscat has a dominant role. Medium body mouth feel, with the alcohol being well felt, but not being aggressive. You can try it neat (before adding water ..

Ex Tax: 7.98€

Tsipouro Soniadi without anise

A delicious tsipouro (greek traditional distillate) with a distinct aromatic character, in a composition of herbal fragrances, such as green peppers, thyme and olive, with fruity overtones and a rich,..

Ex Tax: 8.95€

Avaton without anise

Made from the vineyards Metohi Chromitsa of Agio Orow. Has a delicately fruity nose, spicy, soft mouth but with slight sweetness in the aftertaste and good durability...

10.10€ 10.00€
Ex Tax: 8.06€

Tsipouro Tsililis without anise 0.7lt

Glowing, with rich harmonic and sophisticated banana, rose and exotic fruits aromas. Fruity taste, strongly alcoholic, with a sense of citrus accompanying the aftertaste...

Ex Tax: 9.19€

Tsipouro Babatzim without anise 0.7lt

A crystal distillate with distinctive fruit and mellow, masculine flavor. It is strong and sweet, well crafted with a rustic touch...

Ex Tax: 10.89€

Tsipouro Idoniko without anise 0.7lt

Product of Multiple distillation in copper stills, this tsipouro has pure aromas and fruity character with hints of citrus. Smooth mouth feel, but also spicy and exuberant in the same time, so as to b..

Ex Tax: 9.60€