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Meteoro Winery

The Tsina family cultivation is based on an integrated management system, combining tradition and innovation.  The result respects the history of a product that has a reputation of mythical proportions.  The family products include fine wine and tsipouro (distilled spirit), hailing from the distinguished vineyards of Meteora and ancient Faloreia. Traditional and original flavors that awaken the senses.

The aged distillate Asclepius is produced exclusively from Muscat of Hamburg grapes, from vineyards that do not exceed 200m altitude, in the area of Faloria, Trikala. After the distillation, it stays for 6 months in stainless steel tanks and then ages for 4 years in new French oak barrels, specially..
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A distillate with very clear aromas, where the Muscat has a dominant role. Medium body mouth feel, with the alcohol being well felt, but not being aggressive. You can try it neat (before adding water or ice), since it is highly enjoyable!..
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