Tsipouro (with Anise)

Tsipouro (with Anise)

We are pleased to provide an excellent range of tsipouro with anise from great producers throughout Greece at unbeatable prices! Tsipouro with added anise flavour is mainly produced in the areas of Thessaly and Macedonia (in central and northern Greece respectively) and gives a taste more similar to ouzo than the more traditional tsipouro without anise. As with all things, personal taste will guide you to which you prefer! With our new reduced shipping rates to the UK, Europe and the USA we invite you to try a variety of tastes and find your own ideal tsipouro! 
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Tsipouro Apostolaki with anise 0.7lt

Strong and aromatic, tsipouro Apostolakis is one of the most famous Greek tsipouro. Full bodied and hot on the palate, can be drunk neat or with ice cubes at every moment and occasion...

12.30€ 11.90€
Ex Tax: 9.60€

Tsipouro Soniadi with anise

A special crystal white Greek tsipouro, where anise is quietly involved in its aromatic character, giving a buttery composition of herbal scents in an anise background. Rich flavor with balanced sweet..

Ex Tax: 9.60€
Tsipouro Tirnavou with anise Out Of Stock

Tsipouro Tirnavou with anise

Transparent, with delicate aromatic character, quite fresh, with herbal and floral accents. Mouth sharp but balanced, pungent,with a characteristic sweet sense of anise in the aftertaste...

Ex Tax: 9.92€

Tsipouro Tsililis with anise 0.7lt

Crystal white, with buttery aromas, combined with anise ending with an aggressive way. Pleasant and round mouth feel. Richly flavored with balanced sweetness wine with an interesting aftertaste anise ..

Ex Tax: 9.19€

Tsipouro Babatzim with anise 0.7lt

An attended raki with a characteristic aromatic intensity with paved flavor, spicy, refreshing and aromatic...

Ex Tax: 11.05€