Greek Variety

Xinomavro, Agiorgitiko, Mavrodaphne, Avgoustiatis, Liatiko, Limnio and more Greek varieties which make excellent wines that cause both the domestic and international interest. One can certainly distinguish the wine PDO zones (Protected Designation of Origin) of Naoussa (Xinomavro) and Nemea (Agiorgitiko), yet many more Greek varieties emerge.
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Ktima Biblia Chora Areti Red 2013
RP '10
D '13
Silver (90)

Ktima Biblia Chora Areti Red 2013

Deep purple color. Rich cherry aroma with notes of vanilla cedar and spices. Mouth exuberant with good and pleasant tannins. Long-lasting aftertaste where perfumes make their appearance. A very succes..

18.00€ 17.50€
Ex Tax: 14.11€
Tetramythos Mavro Kalavrytino Naturε 2020 New

Tetramythos Mavro Kalavrytino Naturε 2020

Tetramythos winery dynamic entrance in the field of natural organic wines is quite impressive.It comes from 30 years old vineyards formed in a cup at 850 meters altitude. Natural vinification and agin..

11.20€ 10.90€
Ex Tax: 8.79€
Skouras Nemea Grande Cuvée 2016
RP '16
JR '14
D '13
Bronze (87)

Skouras Nemea Grande Cuvée 2016

Vivid crimson color, impressive, intense, complex and sweet aromas, with touches like floral violet and lavender, blueberry, chocolate, wild cherry and licorice. Mouthsense with present tannins, quite..

18.80€ 18.20€
Ex Tax: 14.68€

Melitzani Naoussa 2018

Bright red color with brown hues. Tobacco and leather aromas mingle evenly with the characteristic aroma of ripe tomatoes and caramelized fruit. Soft tannins, with balanced acidity and a long, full-bo..

Ex Tax: 12.02€
Aivalis Le Sang de la Pierre 2019
RP '15
JR '14

Aivalis Le Sang de la Pierre 2019

A wine created by the son of Christos Aivalis Sotiris from overripe Agiorgitiko vintage of very low yield per hectare. Solid red, purple color. Aromas of red berries, caramel, nuts, pepper, chocolate ..

28.70€ 25.80€
Ex Tax: 20.81€

Oenops Xinomavro 2019

Vibrant ruby colour. Nose is floral but also savoury and mineral. Lively with delicate cherry and strawberry hints and roses on the palate, juicy tannins and lingering finish. Already approachable, wi..

15.50€ 15.20€
Ex Tax: 12.26€

Art Space Mavrotragano 2018

Antonis Argyros in Exo Gonia Santorini and in the wonderful Art Space Winery creates wines that demonstrate the formality of the varieties but also the uniqueness of the terroir of the island.Here we ..

Ex Tax: 35.97€

Oenos Nature Avgoustiatis 2019

In the glass we find a medium ruby ​​color. In the aromatic characteristics we have intense aromas of raspberry, blackberry, anise, cinnamon, with notes of wild flowers to follow. The palate is elegan..

18.60€ 17.90€
Ex Tax: 14.44€
Biblia Chora Biblinos Rosé 2020
RP '15

Biblia Chora Biblinos Rosé 2020

Pale pink color with delicious orange highlights, subtle and delicate nose with mild notes of cherry, strawberry, bergamot and soft green tones of aromatic herbs. Fruity, delicious and delicate mouths..

15.50€ 15.30€
Ex Tax: 12.34€

Kourtis Xinomavro 2017

 The vineyards of the Kourtis Estate were planted in 1997, and have been cared for since then from the family, following certified organic farming. They are ideally located at the foothill of mount Ol..

Ex Tax: 14.35€

Markogianni Diagon 2019

Vertzami is a blessed variety, with extremely deep color which almost resembles black wines after a few days of extraction. Nose with dominating eucalyptus, violet and primrose notes, emphasized by bl..

19.80€ 18.90€
Ex Tax: 15.24€
Estate Theopetra Limniona 2014 Magnum
RP '13
JR '12
D '16
Commended (84)

Estate Theopetra Limniona 2014 Magnum

Dense cherry color, expressive nose with personality, consisting of notes of crimson jam and prunes, with hints of violet and sweet spices. Mouth of moderate volume, with prominent tannins and sharp a..

Ex Tax: 46.69€

T-OINOS Clos Stegasta Mavrotragano Rare 2018

T-OINOS is a vision and madness at the same time. With its heart pounding in a terroir full of scattered granitic rocks, a global geological phenomenon similar to 2-3 others around the world, Alexande..

Ex Tax: 104.77€

Tsantali Mavroudi 2017

Mavroudi is one of the oldest Greek varieties and the Tsantali winery revived it, with the reconstruction of the Maronite vineyard in 1995.In the glass the color is deep ruby. In the aromatic characte..

11.60€ 11.30€
Ex Tax: 9.11€

Tsantali Mavroudi 2016

Mavroudi is one of the oldest Greek varieties and the Tsantali winery revived it, with the reconstruction of the Maronite vineyard in 1995.In the glass the color is deep ruby. In the aromatic characte..

11.60€ 11.30€
Ex Tax: 9.11€

Costa Lazaridi Château Julia Agiorgitiko 2019

Domaine Costa Lazaridi planted Agiorgitiko in Drama in 1998. More specifically in their vineyard in Kali Vrisi, at the foot of Mount Menikio. Agiorgitiko, acclimatized to the terroir of the area, gave..

18.40€ 17.80€
Ex Tax: 14.35€

Anatolikos Limnio 2017

The color of the wine is medium ruby. The nose gives us a complex bouquet of aromas, such as red and black fruits, sweet spices, with elegant earthy hints and violet notes to follow. On the palate it ..

18.60€ 17.90€
Ex Tax: 14.44€

Lyrarakis Liatiko 2020

In the glass we have a bright purple color. In the aromatic characteristics we find ripe cherries, dried strawberries, plums, sour cherries, with notes of cinnamon and licorice to follow. The palate i..

8.90€ 8.70€
Ex Tax: 7.02€

Afianes Piθari (Pithari) Fokiano 2018

Piθari (pithari) Fokiano is a special red wine, which is fermented with indigenous yeasts in jars that the family has buried outside the winery.Its color is brick with orange highlights. The intense a..

47.10€ 45.90€
Ex Tax: 37.02€
Vogiatzis Tsapournakos 2018
RP '12

Vogiatzis Tsapournakos 2018

Dark crimson color, medium intensity nose with sour cherry mature evolving, giving way to flavors of tomato, pepper, barrel, vanilla and wood, with some herbal hints. Delicious mouth well structured a..

20.60€ 19.90€
Ex Tax: 16.05€

Troupis Fteri Red 2019

Dark red color, intense fruity nose character with raspberry, cherry, wild cherry and spice aromas in a complex bouquet. Rich mouthfeel with velvety tannins and medium length aftertaste...

7.20€ 7.00€
Ex Tax: 5.65€
Estate Foundi Red 2016
RP '11
JR '08

Estate Foundi Red 2016

Brick red semi trasparent color and nose with a deep sense of maturity, full of tomato jam, plum & forest fruit, and vivid details of ham, vanilla, pepper and juniper berries. Moderately thick mou..

14.60€ 14.20€
Ex Tax: 11.45€

Artisans Vignerons de Naoussa 2016

A typical Naoussa, although not from the Paliokalias vineyard this year. Light red color, with aromas of ripe tomato, fresh red fruit, sage and plum paste. Spicy medium volumeArtisans Vignerons d..

Ex Tax: 12.50€

Artisans Vignerons de Naoussa 2017

Artisans Vignerons de Naoussa is an association of growers who share the same passion for the cultivation of Xinomavro. This collaboration was created to promote the philosophy of sustainable viticult..

Ex Tax: 10.08€

Strofilia Rare Earths Tabouri 2019

The Rare Earths series is the choice of people in the Strofilia Estate to highlight both their excellent work on local and international varieties and the individual vineyards that they have distingui..

18.80€ 18.50€
Ex Tax: 14.92€

Kokkinos Paliokalias 2014 Magnum

The well-known vineyard north of Stenimachos, an area in Naoussa, Imathia, gives its name to the label of the Kokkinos estate. The vineyard is 49 years old, the harvest is done manually and the grapes..

49.60€ 47.00€
Ex Tax: 37.90€

Karamolegos Mavrotragano 2018

Artemis Karamolegos selects two vineyards of a middle age of 20 years in Exo Gonia and Kamari for the creation of Mavrotragano.In the glass the color is ruby. The nose is rich and intense, with aromas..

39.70€ 38.50€
Ex Tax: 31.05€
Estate Alpha Xinomavro Skantzoxoiros (Hedgehog) 2018
RP '16
JR '16
D '17
Silver (91)

Estate Alpha Xinomavro Skantzoxoiros (Hedgehog) 2018

Deep ruby ​​red color with red brick hues. Masculine aromas which bring in mind memories of cherry and raspberry jam, tomato paste, meat and pepper scents. Medium-bodied mouth feel, nice soft tannins ..

15.10€ 14.80€
Ex Tax: 11.94€