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Sigalas - Domaine

The winery of Sigalas Domaine is located in the plain of Oia, in Santorini. Assyrtiko of Santorini, the most multidynamic variety of Mediterranean zone, Aidani, Athiri, Mandilaria and Mavrotragano are being grown in the vineyards of the Estate and vinificated in the best way and with great respect towards their organoleptic traits, giving premium wines, officially recognised in international contests both in Greece and abroad. The unique soil of Santorini sheltered the vineyards from the Phylloxera epidemic and resulted in a vineyard aging more than 3000 years old and vines more than fifty years old. The unique pruning method as well as the ancient varieties cultivated establish the vineyard of Santorini a historical museum. The vineyard apart from its historical significance, also, exhibits the potentiality to produce premium wines that express, through ageing, the characteristics of the terroir of Santorini.

Domaine Sigalas Santorini (Barrel) 2022
RP '19
D '16
Gold (95)
Yellowish, with complex aromatic character with minerality that enhances the steel scents of a delicate barrel flavor, fruits, vanilla and honey. Mouth rich, crisp and robust, with rigor and mineral-like, wonderful feeling...
33.70€ 34.70€
Ex Tax:27.18€
Domaine Sigalas Assyrtiko-Athiri 2022
RP '10
D '16
Silver (91)
Straw blonde, bright color and nose with soft fruity aromas of ripe citrus, white flowers, tea leaves, fresh peach and vanilla. Well-structured mouthfeel with strong acidity and a delicious & fruity aftertaste...
18.90€ 19.80€
Ex Tax:15.24€
Domaine Sigalas Santorini 2022
JR '17
D '20
Silver (93)
Pale yellow color, elegant nose in an aromatic composition of lemon, orange and yellow fruits and herbal and mineral hints. Mouthfeel with excellent balance, lively acidity and a very aromatic, lingering aftertaste...
27.90€ 28.50€
Ex Tax:22.50€
Domaine Sigalas Mavrotragano 2021
RP '20
Solid red color with complex aromatic bouquet with red fruit jam, tobacco, wild herbs, herbs and pungent spices coming out. Well-structured and very good body, excellent tannins that show how the future will be great. Fruity and long-lasting aftertaste...
50.50€ 52.10€
Ex Tax:40.73€
Domaine Sigalas Kavalieros 2021
RP '18
JR '15
D '15
Gold (98)
A robust wine with a bright yellow color, and soft greenish hues. Complex and robust aromas, dominated by ripe citrus such as lemon marmalade, orange confit, in a background of white flowers and rosemary. Sharp and generous taste, with the characteristic acidity and minerality, and a long,  generous..
54.70€ 55.80€
Ex Tax:44.11€
Domaine Sigalas Vinsanto 2016
RP '09
JR '06
D '09
Commended (83)
Bright golden color with light red brick hues, nose with a wonderfull complexity and spicy character, with strong and long lasting aromas of dried fruits, honey, roasted nuts, coffee grains, bitter chocolate and hints of adhesive. Honeyed mouth, velvety, with a lovely sweet and sour flavor and very ..
48.60€ 49.60€
Ex Tax:39.19€
In the glass we find a bright rose color. In the aromatic character we find red fruits and flowers, with herbal notes following. On the palate the body is moderate, with fine acidity and a pleasant aftertaste...
Ex Tax:9.52€
Domaine Sigalas Mm 2021
RP '20
JR '14
Deep red color with purple hues. Nose with emphasis on the ripe red fruit, caramel and spices. The nose aromas evolve in the mouth, giving a mature, complex wine with spicy finish...
16.80€ 17.40€
Ex Tax:13.55€
Sigalas Aidani 2017
RP '21
In the glass we see a clear wine with moderate lemon color. On the nose we find aromas of citrus fruits such as grapefruit, in combination with some elements of vegetation, with notes of tropical fruits, flowers and herbs to follow. The nose is confirmed on the palate, the accentuated acidity provid..
28.90€ 30.30€
Ex Tax:23.31€
It is well-known that Paris Sigalas is a restless winemaker (and lately a distiller). As soon as he entered the distillation field, it was expected that after the tsipouro and the prickly pear spirit, the aged tsipouro Sigalas would appear. It is a product of double distillation from Asyrtiko and Ma..
Ex Tax:27.10€
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