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Nerantzi - Domaine

The winery is situated on the fertile valley of Serres that is being crossed by river Strymon and surrounded by five mountains. It is built on a hill, on the outskirts of Mountain Menoikion gazing east to the mountain Paggaion, south to the mountain Kerdillion and west to the mountain Dysoron & Belles. 

This land has been inhabited since 5000 B.C. due to the excellent weather conditions. The sea breeze coming from Ancient Amfipolis during the day and the cool breeze coming from the mountain Menoikion during the night create a combination that constitutes the special microclimate of the region. There are plenty of historical references to the famous products of this region in ancient times.

The wine cellar has a size of 300m2 and is well equipped with the latest machinery, absolutely vital for the grapes high quality vinification process. Using inox containers and only steam for cleaning and sterilization, the winery maintains the natural quality of its products.

In the basement there is a cellar especially designed for wine ageing. Below ground level, under stable conditions of temperature and humidity, the wines mature in Balkan oak barrels. The use of Balkan oak from specially selected oak trees preserves the authenticity, the local character and uniqueness of the final product. The people of the estate carefully select the wood whose quality will enhance and unveil the character of their wines.
The interior design and decoration of the cellar has been made with natural materials coming from the region, using pebble from the river Strymon and locally used traditional red bricks.
The winery has a chemical laboratory, made for quality control and research, very well equipped for scientific observation and quality assurance of the production process. In this laboratory, the level of maturity of the grapes is observed up until the harvest, the progress of the vinification process is recorded and quality analysis of the must is conducted. The behavior of our wines is also registered throughout the ageing and experiment with different methods, always aiming at improving the production processes from a scientific point of view. 
Domaine Nerantzi Cabernet Sauvignon 2015
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Deep ruby color with brick hints and aromatic bouquet full of black fruits and spices, such as pepper and cinnamon, with a few notes of bell pepper and herbs.Mouth full and aggressive, with its robust but velvety tannins and its balanced acidity leaving the proper result to the body. The flavor char..
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It has a bright golden color and good clarity. The nose is dominated by ripe fruit like kumquat and lychee combined with wonderful aromas of roasted hazelnut, honey and butter. It is round on the palate with gentle acidity, balanced with a long aftertaste...
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Domaine Nerantzi Koniaros 2015 Domaine Nerantzi Koniaros 2015
JR '13
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The ancient Greek variety, saved and cultivated at the estate Nerantzi vineyards, is particularly interesting, giving a wine with great aging potential. Concentrated fruit, dried herbs and ink prevailing in the gentle nose and a rounded mouth feel, with fairly good volume and still young tannins res..
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A well-cared wine, produced with endogenous yeast, having passed 18-month maturation in barrels and eventually bottled unfiltered. It has solid black color, firm and complex aromas, filled with prunes & date fruits, mushrooms, cloves, vanilla, pepper and broth. Robust mouthfeel, filled by exuber..
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Nerantzi Polis 2018 Nerantzi Polis 2018
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An excellent, delicious wine, with golden color and honeyed nose. Yellow fruit jam, orange zest, bergamot peel, honey and nuts, are the aromas that are outstanding at the nose and mouth. Rich mouthfeel composed by good acidity, oil and alcohol in perfect balance with the barrel to caress the palate...
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