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Greek Variety

Xinomavro, Agiorgitiko, Mavrodaphne, Avgoustiatis, Liatiko, Limnio and more Greek varieties which make excellent wines that cause both the domestic and international interest. One can certainly distinguish the wine PDO zones (Protected Designation of Origin) of Naoussa (Xinomavro) and Nemea (Agiorgitiko), yet many more Greek varieties emerge.
Special aromatic character of red and black fruits, spices and mint create this remarkable and complex wine. Full mouth, with aromas of red and black fruits, with crispy acidity and round tannins...
11.30€ 11.80€
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Douloufakis Dafnios Red 2018
RP '15
JR '15
D '15
Silver (90)
Cerise medium density color, with aromas of spices, ripe red fruit, violet and cues from ink. Soft mouth with a good enough balance and a velvety, fruity aftertaste...
8.50€ 8.70€
Ex Tax:6.85€
In the glass we have a ruby color. The aromatic character is intense with sun-dried tomatoes, red fruits, prunes and peppers to star, with hints of coffee and olives to follow. Tied on the palate, with lively acidity, gentle tannins and a pleasant aftertaste...
13.90€ 14.30€
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Aivalis Monopati 2018
RP '15
JR '14
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Brand: Aivalis
Intense red with mauve hues, showing floral character, with notes of red fruits, mint, vanilla and distinctive barrel. Young mouth with lively tannins rather round, intense fruity character and good balance. Long aftertaste with a spicy and fruity finish...
21.60€ 22.10€
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Oenops Xinomavraw 2019
D '19
Silver (92)
Brand: Oenops Wines
Xinomavraw by Oenops is a raw expression of the Xinomavro variety as revealed by its name. Yeast fermented, it then matured into egg-shaped amphorae for 6 months and finally bottled unfiltered without any addition of sulfites. Bright ruby color. The strong aromas of vanilla, black cherry and tomato ..
Ex Tax:12.50€
Spin is the new relase by Chatzivaritis winery, sourced from 100% Negoska! It is produced with the method of carbonate soaking and two different levels of grape ripeness are mixed. That way we get a completely different expression of the variety.Intense pomegranate color. The nose is flooded with ar..
20.00€ 21.08€
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Deep red colour, cherry, sour cherry and liquorice bouquet. Rich mouthfeel with velvety tannins and a long aftertaste. Classic red vinification. Aged in old oak barrels. Organic rainfed vineyards at the foothills of select areas. Pairs great with meat in all its forms...
12.60€ 13.00€
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Porto Carras LimNeon 2018
RP '17
JR '16
D '15
Silver (90)
Out Of Stock
Bright red color and distinct aroma coming from flavors of black cherries, plums, leather, pepper and hints of clove & vanilla. Soft and medium volume mouth sense, with good integrated tannins, good acidity and juicy fruit in the aftertaste...
8.90€ 9.30€
Ex Tax:7.18€
Kikones Limnio 2017
RP '09
JR '15
Bright red color in a wine with gentle aromas of red fruit, spices, caramel and dried fruit. Mouth with freshness, youthful, with acidity and tannins that make their presence felt...
25.50€ 26.30€
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This is the organic version of Sclavos' Mavrodaphne, which comes from high altitude vineyards. The vineyards are cultivated on limestone and marl soils. Alcoholic & malolactic fermentation as well as ageing are performed in oak barrels, while it is bottled unfiltered without any additional sulfu..
23.50€ 24.60€
Ex Tax:18.95€
Tetramythos winery dynamic entrance in the field of natural organic wines is quite impressive.This wine comes from privately owned vines in a vineyard at 715 m. It is mainly rocky soil with a north exposure that gives a cool wine character. Classical red vinification with "natural" protocol that sta..
10.90€ 11.20€
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Papargyriou The Unique Mavrostyfo 2019
Out Of Stock
A new discovery by Estate Papargyriou, is the dry version of the rare variety of Argolida Mavrostyfo. The vineyard is at 950m altitude and bottling is done without the use of catalysts or any filtering. It has aged for 12 months in oak barrels, has intense fruity aromas in the nose and a full, yet s..
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