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Parparousis - Winery

The Parparoussis winery was founded in 1974 by the oenologist Thanassis Parparoussis whose aim was the production of premiumquality bottled wines. The facilities of the winery are settled within the family estate in Bozaitika, in Patra. The majority of wines are being produced from grapes coming from the estate private vineyards located in the regions of Bozaitika and Lappa. There is also a cooperation with other producers. Thanassis Parparoussis is being occupied with the viticulture on his own and has full control over the production quality.

Parparoussis Winery Pronomio Limited Edition 2018
RP '12
On the occasion of completing its 45 years, the historic Parparoussi Estate launched just 4000 bottles of an anniversary wine (limited edition 2016), a blend of its three favorite varieties. Mainly Agiorgitiko (95%) with notes of Mavrodaphne (3%) and Mavroudia (2%). About two years later the wine is..
Ex Tax:24.03€
Parparoussis Winery Moscato Riou Patron 2018
RP '13
Brassy bright color, a fragrant citrus wine, apricot, lime and orange, as well as hints of roasted nuts, caramel and cinnamon. Mouth exuberant, with volume and strong personality, with an acidity that makes it sparky and elegant. Aftertaste slightly bitter and very aromatic...
Ex Tax:14.03€
Parparoussis Winery Epilegmenos Oinos 2016
RP '12
Bright red color with faded terracotta hues.  Intense and dense aromas of chocolate, hints of cocoa, coffee, roasted bread, cherry and plum. Elegant mouthsense, rich and soft at the same time, with its tannins having undergone the beneficial effects of time.  Long aftertaste with the intense presenc..
23.70€ 24.60€
Ex Tax:19.11€
Parparoussis Winery Taos 2018
RP '12
Solid red color.  Aging character aromas that highlight a complex bouquet with hints of toffee, red fruit, ink and spices that are felt in both the nose and the mouth. Interesting acidity, tannins with good density and well-structured content, giving a peppery aftertaste...
23.90€ 24.60€
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Parparoussis Winery Petite Fleur 2021
RP '16
Out Of Stock
Somon, delicate rose wine with delicate aromas of pear, tea and hints of cherry jam, smooth and balanced taste, delicious acidity and fruity aftertaste...
10.80€ 11.20€
Ex Tax:8.71€
Parparoussis Oinari 2016
Only 1 Left
A delicious blend, with bright red, candy color, with sweet aromas of spices, baked red fruits and hints of spicy charcuterie. Delicate and well-structured mouth with fine tannins that build a balanced structure with good acidity and nice aftertaste...
Ex Tax:7.02€
Pnevma Tsipouro Sideritis
Out Of Stock
A unique distillate produced by Th. Parparoussis under the custody and on behalf of Lefteris Thermos. Grape marc spirit "Pnevma" is produced by the distillation of the grape marc of the indigenous grape variety Sideritis, a variate that ripens around mid October in Achaia region at Northern Peloponn..
23.90€ 24.40€
Ex Tax:19.27€
Bright yellow color and mild intensity aromas, in a classy, round distillate round, with vanilla, wood, caramel and peach notes. Harmony in the mouth, balanced sweetness and spice aromas...
37.70€ 38.40€
Ex Tax:30.40€
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