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Limnio Wines

Limnio Wines
Color: Red
Types of wines: Red
Categories: PDO Slopes of Melitonas, PDO Lemnos

Description: Limnio, as its name suggests, is a variety that originates from the island of Lemnos. There it participates in the production of dry red wines. Several plantings are also found in vineyards in northern Greece, like Halkidiki, in PDO Slopes of Melitonas wines. It gives wines of moderate body and acidity, with soft tannins and aromas such as cherry, sour cherry, blackberry, with hints of herbs and spices to follow.
Soft red color with red brick hues. Complex bouquet, with aromas of tobacco leaves, mushrooms, black olives and bitter chocolate. Although aged, the tannins retain their vitality, giving a mature but yet strong structure in this rare wine. It requires decanting at least one hour before consumption...
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Bright red color in a wine with gentle aromas of red fruit, spices, caramel and dried fruit. Mouth with freshness, youthful, with acidity and tannins that make their presence felt...
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Bright red color and distinct aroma coming from flavors of black cherries, plums, leather, pepper and hints of clove & vanilla. Soft and medium volume mouth sense, with good integrated tannins, good acidity and juicy fruit in the aftertaste...
8.90€ 9.30€
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The Nikolaidis brothers produce a special wine with minimal intervention, Natural Red. The wine consists of Mavroudi of Thrace (60%) and Limnio (40%), which are organically grown. This is followed by long fermentation in an amphora with native yeasts, pressing of the marcs by hand and maturation in ..
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In the glass we have a soft salmon color. On the nose we find pleasant aromas of red fruits, citrus fruits, nuts, with notes of flowers to follow. The palate has a moderate body, crisp acidity and a good aftertaste...
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Terra Roza is a mild vinification rosé from the volcanic island of Lemnos, which combines Muscat of Alexandria (90%) and Limnio (10%), which is added fermented before bottling. Harvesting is done by hand and then remains with the skins for 8 days, bottled unfiltered, unfined and without added sulfit..
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The Garalis winery, focused on tradition, creates a wonderful rosé Retsina of mild vinification, from the Muscat of Alexandria (90%) and Limnio (10%) varieties.In the glass we find a pink color with orange highlights. Aromas of orange, rose, sage, thyme flood our noses, with pine being constantly pr..
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Chatzigeorgiou estate marries two indigenous varieties of Lemnos, Limnio and Muscat of Alexandria, creating a fine wine. On the face we find a soft salmon color. On the nose we find aromas of flowers, small grains of fruit, orange zest, bergamot, with some notes of herbs and white pepper to follow.O..
9.50€ 9.80€
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In the picturesque island of Sikinos, in the northwestern part and at an altitude of 400 meters, stretch the terraces of the Manalis winery, overlooking the Aegean sea. The red wine of the winery is created from the varieties Mavrotragano and Limnio. On the face we find a ruby color. In the aromatic..
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Deep red, almost black color and nose of ripe red fruits like plum and cherry, blackcurrant jam, ink notes, as also pepper, sweet spices and animal notes, which balance, all together, between exuberance and finesse. Mouth equally aromatic, bulky and round, with intense tannins and lengthy aftertaste..
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Dark red, almost black color, with aromas of fruit jam, honey and sweet spices, as also vanilla, cocoa and tobacco. Full-bodied and exuberant mouth feel, while at the same time friendly, nicely balanced acidity and superb tannins in evolution...
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Vangelis Gerovassiliou selects the oak barrels with optimal maturation and the best organoleptic characteristics to create a collector's wine. The Museum Collection is a combination of Limnio, Mavroudi, Mavrotragano, Syrah and Merlot.In the glass we have a bright deep purple color. On the nose we fi..
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