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28 Jul Santorini Wine Report: Earth, Wind & Fire
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Santorini Wine Report: Earth, Wind & Fire  Dear wine lover,   We wanted to share with you the exciting news of the publication of the Terroir Report on Santorini by Yiannis Karakasis MW. It can be found on Yiannis’ site.   From 6 produ..
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20 Mar Best Greek Wines Stories of the Future, by Yiannis Karakasis MW 0 3110
                                                                                  In my article “Next Big Thing after Santorini”, that you can read here in English, what is mentioned is that, in order to tell a wine story successfully, excell..
17 Mar Ordering and shipping updates
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Dear customers,  We want you to know that we will remain open according to current guidelines, until further notice! But, we've updated ordering and shipping process accordingly:  -Visiting our headquarters in not allowed for the time being, exce..
23 Jan SuperNormal: Τetramythos Agiorgitiko Naturε 2018 0 5050
 SuperNormal: Τetramythos Agiorgitiko Naturε 2018By Yiannis Karakasis MW   At a time when many wines have hit stratospheric heights with their prices, Yiannis will be looking for top examples that combine two ultimate virtues; awesome qu..
17 Jan Tselepos Winery: Two impressive vintages of Santorini & the new Nikteri!
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Tselepos Winery: The very first two vintages of Santorini Canava Chrissou-Tselepou 2014& 2015, along with the maiden vintage of Nikteri 2018!    It is no secret that Santorini is the most precious gem of the Greek vineyard, producing wines th..
15 Oct The Masters of Wine in Greece, first impressions 0 5689
 The images from the recent Masters of Wine visit to Greece are still fresh in my mind as I sit down to record my first impressions. It lasted for seven days and was completed on the 6th of October. To begin with, I have to point out the importan..
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