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11 Apr Foundi Naoussaia: A lady with traditional dress By Yiannis Karakasis MW 0 14343
 Foundi Naoussaia: A lady with traditional dressBy Yiannis Karakasis MW Few wines in Greece (and around the world) have remained the same in their style, unaffected by changes over time. It seems as if they are silent observers, certainly n..
27 Mar Gerovassiliou Syrah 2001: A very rare and singular Syrah!
Greece and Grapes 0 13999
  Gerovassiliou Syrah 2001: A very rare and singular Syrah, available exclusively from Greece and Grapes! Syrah is undoubtedly the most successful international variety in the Greek wine territory. Many good examples exist all over the countr..
15 Mar Markou Kleftes 2017: An eye-opening Savatiano!
Greece and Grapes 0 9162
Μarkou Kleftes 2017, an eye - opening Savatiano!   Kleftes (meaning thieves in Greek) from Markou family winery in Spata, Attica is a double challenge and a big bet placed in 2009. On the one hand, Savatiano is a variety that reached its limit ..
21 Feb Comfort Fine Dining and Wine 0 12352
Comfort Fine Dining and Wine. Greece and Grapes and Yiannis Karakasis meet Aleria's chef, Gikas Xenakis, and talk in loose tones about gastronomy and wine.  Yiannis: How did you become a wine afficionado?Gikas: Basically, with my involvem..
19 Jan Greek wines beyond the age of innocence: A Fine Wines Question 0 13279
Greek wines beyond the age of innocence: A Fine Wines Question  As Greek wine emerges from its age of innocence, more and more people will speculate about the potential the country has to produce fine wines. Can this happen? Ιs it achievable, and..
13 Dec Greek wines to try x3 0 11571
By Yiannis Karakasis In case you happened to read my article on the double delight of wine, which I had originally named x2, but had to have it retitled due to the Search Engine Optimization protocol – life has really changed, hasn’t it? - you ma..
21 Nov Wine Ratings and the scale of....1000! 0 9522
When you pick up your keyboard and start writing about, as important an issue as, wine rating, it is very probable that you might need a few thousand words. Those who know me well enough, know that I always try to be concise and purposeful when I d..
20 Oct Tasting with the Master: #1Agiorgitiko 0 11906
If you love wine and the enjoyment that it can generously and  without great effort or thought offer,  then a wine from Agiorgitiko grape variety would be the perfect choice. You must be wondering what the explanation is.  Simple! It has the..
21 Sep Combining and comparing wines for double delight 0 9925
All of the people who are involved in the wonderful world of wine are constantly debating which is the best way to magnify the perception and enjoyment of the wine they are drinking. As a matter of fact, there are no strict rules pertaining to this..
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