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14 Apr In Line for a Brusque
Yiannis 0 9575
It's bright red, robust and sturdy, it's the famous 'brusque wine' that some years ago was the title of a popular TV series here in Greece. But what exactly do we mean by describing a wine as a brusko (as it is called in Greek)? It is a popular, so..
29 Mar Greek Spirits
Greece and Grapes 0 2000
Over recent years Greece progressed markedly in the production of spirits. "Simple" as well as aged samples excel in international competitions and markets, with what was valid in the previous decade being a distant past.Let's get to know the Greek s..
24 Mar Vinsanto. The Holy Wine.
Yiannis 0 23015
Everything you need to know about this sun-dried wine born each year from the legendary “coils”. While looking for old books from the first travellers in Greece, one can find the "Ils de la Grece ” (Greek Islands) (1853) by Louis Lacroix, who, arri..
26 Feb Natural wines in Greece: A Greece and Grapes selection
admin 0 9606
  Natural wines is a trend that cannot be ignored. Like everywhere else in the world, some Greek winemakers have chosen to follow this path as well, trying to produce wines under minimal intervention scheme that are terroir-driven, expressive and wel..
23 Feb Is an aged wine better than a fresh one?
Greece and Grapes 0 2214
       Lately, visiting various groups of wine lovers on social media, I notice that the ancient question is often asked: is an aged wine better than a fresh one? Do I open it or hold it? Will it preserve?Is an aged wine better than a fresh one? Do I..
04 Jun Pilsner or Lager?
Yiannis 0 71878
Their basic difference is measured in IBU (International Bittering Units) being the international betterness measuring unit of beer and results from the amount of hops used in their production. For the hard-core beer fans, bitterness in a beer is co..
19 Mar Skouras Synoro | Konstantinos Lazarakis MW
admin 0 4213
Skouras Synoro: Read the full article of Konstantinos Lazarakis MW and enjoy the vintages of 2008, 2012, as well as the current one of 2015, with just a click!  The wine area for a few years now is the best wine area ever! A few decades ago t..
12 Oct 50GGW: The Results!
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 See the results here    ..
02 Sep 0 3364
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