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21 Aug Reap, Harvest, War
Yiannis 0 17205
This very common ancient Greek saying is one of the most frequently wrongly used, as it is often misinterpreted.  We often tend to believe, that to reap and to harvest is the same as to go to war, a chaotic situation where the danger of defeat is a..
24 Jul Sailing down the wine dark sea
Francesca 0 14812
 How hard can it be for modern Greeks, as well as foreign scholars, to solve an almost 3000 years old riddle? For those who have chosen to cross the seas by boat to get to their vacation destination this summer, this riddle will show up on the waves’..
28 Jun Share the wine joy!
Yiannis 0 12848
A lot has been written about the contribution of Ancient Greeks in wine spreading and trading leaving most contemporary Greeks feeling proud of our wine heritage. On the other hand if we contemplate on how our everyday life has evolved how many of us..
09 Jun A short story about Dionysus
Yiannis 0 29961
Who could ever think of Greece existing without grapes and vines, a country in which up to this day more than 300 different grape varieties are cultivated. It is no coincidence then that the worshiping of Dionysus emerged here and wine crop was re-ev..
02 May Best Greek Wines - Robert Parker,  April 2017
konstantinos 2 21549
The new tastings from 2018 are in, head over to our recaps of the best greek red wines and top white wines (just in time for the summer!) from tastings done in the first three months of 2018, below are the results from 2017 for reference.In the Apr..
23 Mar Visit at the Dougos Winery
konstantinos 0 9042
It was an open invitation. We often stalled our visit s since daily pressure in Athens makes you sometimes to not even want to move a finger over the weekend. However on the first Saturday of March we overcame our procrastination having the weather..
06 Mar Wine Systems AG  - Top Greek Wines of 2017
konstantinos 0 7701
One of the ratings that we mention for our web site products is Wine Systems AG based on PAR methodology (Product, Analysis and Rating). The reason is that it is totally different than any other rating since it is based on a big list of characteristi..
01 Mar Top Greek organic wines of 2017
konstantinos 0 11923
Consumer shifts to more "natural" products, i.e. organic, has understandably affected wine making. Organic wines (bio in Europe, organic in the United States) are made from organically grown grapes with limited use of additives during the winemaking ..
14 Feb Fi Cocktails
Yiannis 0 8649
A journey from the Venetian traces of history in the island of Kythira: "Phi" is the modern expression in the old family recipe. The creation of "Phi" begins from Earth and the vine. The double distillation is the basis of the drink. Fresh peel of be..
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