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Kardasi - Distillery

Since the early 20th century, the grandfathers of Kardasis family have been occupied with viticulture and grape products trading. Konstantinos Kardasis dealt with wine and tsipouro exports to the neighbouring areas and Evaggelos Kardasis bought his first copper still in 1924 and produced tsipouro and wine. Theodoros, in 1952, after having accomplished his military duties, bought a vehicle (a military jeep) and continued to develop the commercial activities of the family. In 1962, he established his first new copper still. For the next 30 years he had been planting new vineyards increasing the production. In 1989, the law allowing tsipouro bottling passed (until that moment tsipouro released in bulk). In 1991, the son of Konstantinos founds Kardasis Distillery. In the first years, there was a considerable skepticism of consumers towards this “new” product, which was faced as an “industrial product”. Through years bottled tsipouro gained consumer trust. In 2005, the company was supplied with modern mechanical machinery. Since 2006, it has been applied the ISO 22000:2005 Food Safety Management System.

For the thirtieth anniversary of the distillery, Kardassi family created "Distiller's Choice 2021", a spirit from the 2017 harvest that matured for three years in barrels No. 38 and 39, which are first-use French spirit 200lt and heavy toasted.The primary floral aromas of the distillate are enriched..
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In 1958, Konstantinos Kardassis planted a vineyard with the Muscat of Hamburg (or Tyrnavos) variety.In 2019, the family decided to vinify and distil the low yielding grapes separately and create Golden Harvest, a limited production (20,000 bottles per year) high quality white spirit. The result is a..
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Using "tears" from the mastic trees of southern Chios, Kardasia family created a special mastic liqueur with pure and crystal clear character and the necessary (but as needed) sweetness with a long aftertaste full of mastic aromas..
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Amber color with aromas of ripe fruit, vanilla, caramel, chocolate and wood. Εxuberant and balanced taste with an elegant spicy aftertaste...
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Crystal distillate wirh rich aromatic bouquet, hints of spices, apple, pear and grape which last in the mouth. Unique and delicate taste...
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Transparent, with delicate aromatic character, quite fresh, with herbal and floral accents. Mouth sharp but balanced, pungent,with a characteristic sweet sense of anise in the aftertaste...
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