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Soniadis - Distillery

On the northern part of Greece, in the heart of the vineyards of Amyndeon, the noble variety of Xinomavro has been growing for centuries now, receiving the favorable effect of the unique microclimate of the region. Spyros Soniadis created a, double distillated in copper stills, unique, pure tsipouro, which contains all the knowledge and tradition of the region. The anise is being collected traditionally so that the seed stays intact. The result is the production of a traditional tsipouro 50 of excellent quality, reminiscent of the classic tsipouro of old times.

A special crystal white Greek tsipouro, where anise is quietly involved in its aromatic character, giving a buttery composition of herbal scents in an anise background. Rich flavor with balanced sweetness where anise makes its appearance in a particularly distinctive way...
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A delicious tsipouro (greek traditional distillate) with a distinct aromatic character, in a composition of herbal fragrances, such as green peppers, thyme and olive, with fruity overtones and a rich, dry, warm and spicy mouthsense...
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