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Barbayannis - Distillery


Five generations of the Barbayianni family create, with love and knowledge, the classic Ouzo Blue, with respect to tradition, which requires 100% distillation of ouzo, following the family recipe brought by Efstathios Barbayiannis back in 1860 from Russia. Genuine anise extract and aromatic plants, ..
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Aiming at the absolute taste pleasure and the sense of the classic Greek beauty, Ouzo Aphrodite was born in 1962. This rare distillate, produced at 48% ABV, is based on the finest result of multiple fractions and on pure ingredients, like anise and a number of aromatic plants and seeds. Rich taste t..
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With respect to traditional distillation techniques, Barbayanni family produces Barbayanni Green Ouzo, from carefully selected fresh ingredients and the unique water of Plomari. Ouzo Barbayanni Green is a 100% pure distillate produced at 42% alcohol level...
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A premium ouzo coming from triple distillation of ethyl alcohol derived 100% from raisins. The Collectible Barbayannis was first released in 2004, creating the premium ouzo category...
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