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Premium Greek Ouzo

The largest selection of Greek Ouzo online at unbeatable prices only at Greece and Grapes! Our experts have chosen a range of ouzo for every taste including the popular Ouzo Mini, Ouzo 12 and Ouzo of Plomari brands along with a wide selection of premium ouzos which will amaze your palette! Not sure which ouzo is right for you? Ask our team for an ouzo tasting pack selected with the ouzo connoisseur in mind! All orders are available with express delivery to Europe, the UK and the USA.
Timeless, delicate aromas, in a smooth ouzo, round with the anise to enrapture you. The taste is balanced, spicy and impressive...
Ex Tax:8.47€
Transparent, crystal clear color, fragrant aromas of anise and aromatic herbs and mouthsense with nerve, round and balanced. Aromatic aftertaste with a slight sweetness that underlines it...
Ex Tax:8.55€
Different and peculiar ouzo with rare finesse and raciness, as well as nice, rich flavor and balanced taste with very distinctive sweetness...
Ex Tax:15.00€
A third distillation ouzo, dainty, crystalline, with delicious aroma of masticha. With moderate sweetness and a gurgling freshness that gives coolness..
Ex Tax:15.00€
It took its name from the traditional bronze alembic, as it is called in the Chian dialect. Pure and rich anise aroma. Round and balanced mouth sense with finesse and spicy aftertaste...
Ex Tax:8.71€
Brand: L.E.V.A
Clean and sparky aromas of anise on the nose, accompanied by undertones of citrus and fresh herbs. Round and balanced mouth feel which, despite the 42 degrees of alcohol, is characterised by finesse and a peppery aftertaste...
Ex Tax:10.81€
Brand: L.E.V.A
Soft and cool anise aromas on the nose. A soft and easy-to drink ouzo, with an underlying anise flavor its sweetness is well balanced with freshness...
Ex Tax:8.87€
Delectable and cool, with balanced flavor and anise offering an interesting intense sensation which surrounds its round body. Peppery and anisse aftertaste...
Ex Tax:10.24€
Fragrant and elegant, fills the nose and palate with aromas of anise and has a balanced mouth with a mild sweetness and aromatic aftertaste...
Ex Tax:8.47€
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