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Aged Distillates

Barrel aged distillates is a new phenomenon in the Greek market and they are being called the new 'Greek malts' due to certain comparisons that can be made with whisky. Produced by taking normal non flavoured tsipouro and aging it in barrels, flavours and colours are imparted to the tsipouro depending on the length of ageing and the barrel's previous contents. Personal taste will always guide which brand you prefer and with aged tsipouro the flavour differences are substantial and each is quite unique. With our new reduced shipping rates to the UK, Europe and the USA we invite you to try a variety and discover your very own favourite aged tsipouro!
Agioneri Aged Tsipouro 500ml
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Bright color with light golden highlights. Clean, bright with floral citrus characteristics (kumquat) and herbs (eucalyptus) on a background of sweet spices (nutmeg, clove, cinnamon) and hints of honey, leather and tobacco. Velvety and balanced mouth feel of medium intensity, fruity and herbal chara..
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Chrysi Vidra (Golden Otter) is produced from fermented marc of Debina variety. It is slowly distilled with steam in copper stills and then aged in French oak barrels that have been used in red wine ageing...
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Amber color, with aromas of vanilla, dried fruit, honey and dark chocolate. Generous mouth sense with cinnamon, bitter almond and an aromatic, vanilla aftertaste...
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Bright amber color combining chocolate and white flowers aromas. On the palate it reveals crispy plums, roasted almonds with a fresh vanilla aftertaste. This is a special spirit coming from the triple distillation of Tyrnavos Muscat grapes and it is aged for three years in French oak barrels...
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An aged spirit with amber color and dynamic aromas of vanilla, rose, wood, honey and chocolate. Full and exuberant mouthsense with a long aftertaste...
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Many have heard of the aged distillate "Puro", but only few had the chance to try it out since the production is still small and is mainly absorbed at the producer hotel in Karditsa. We managed to get a few bottles. Whoever has the chance to try it, he/she will feel the impressive aromas of honey, f..
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The Spyropoulos family aged tsipouro aged in  American and French oak for 22 months, followed by 12 months in stainless steel tanks, acquiring a rich and full body. Each sip is full of flavors of fresh and roasted nuts (mainly hazelnut), raisin and carob along with oak, vanilla and tobacco arom..
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This aged tsipouro has been produced from selected grape mark distilled at low temperature in traditional copper stills and matured for 1 year in fine oak barrels.  Complex, balanced, engaging. Served after dinner chilled or at room temperature as a digestive aid. ..
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Soft caramel shade in a high quality aged extract with complex aromatic bouquet, where the fresh flavors of the raw material, such as fruit and yellow roses are framed by the scents of maturity. Strong sense of vanilla, cocoa and dried fruit, with hints of honey and citrus are notable at both nose a..
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Brand: Zoenos Zitsa
Golden color in a wonderful spirit aged in oak barrels for at least a year. It acquires complex aromas of ripe apples, vanilla, nuts, spices & tobacco.  Creamy and sharp mouthsense with nice fruity finish...
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Amber color with aromas of ripe fruit, vanilla, caramel, chocolate and wood. Εxuberant and balanced taste with an elegant spicy aftertaste...
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A ripe, golden distillate with a wide range of varietal honeyed aromas like prunes, raisins, peel, bergamot and spicy fragrances of vanilla, chocolate and nutmeg, combined with a robust but light-bodied mouth feel. Smooth finish and elegant aromatic aftertaste...
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