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Dionysia Kelaria

A white brandy from a blend of varieties, where the aromas of the grapes through the triple distillation have been converted into esters, that is, they are contained in alcohol as hints of the grape varieties. Enriched with herbs that give a light freshness. Drink it like a gin or in a cocktail...
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Blend of varieties that thrive in the Trifilia and Pilos regions, such as Mavroudi, Augoustalidi, Merlot, Grenache Rouge, Cabernet and Agiorgitiko from reds as well as Aleporodites and Sakorodites, Uni Blance, Fileri from whites. Mild tsipouro that is pleasant to drink, as its tendency is to highlig..
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Blend of varieties, the result of three years of aging in oak barrels, which provides an amber color, as well as its tannins, creating a more complex bouquet of flavors with citrus fruit, vanilla and noisette butter to compose a balanced distillate. Drink it with dark chocolate, dark currant, smoked..
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