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Karathanos Thanos

Ηaving completed a long course of studies and employment in large enterprises, Thanos Karathanos chose to return to his homeland to bring out local production. And he did, with the wines Thousand Vines, but also the emblematic limited production distillate Puro, which is already considered classic.

He has a number of degrees, diplomas, graduate studies, research and teaching experience in Chemistry, Oenology, Quality Management, Food organoleptic testing, Wine and Spirits. With professional experience in Greece and the U.S., but also as a wine and gastronomy consultant in restaurants and hotels, he left a successful career in Athens. He returned to his homeland to create and bring out rare Thessalian agricultural products while he also participates in the operation of the family hotel Kazarma Lake Resort, at Plastira Lake. 

Many have heard about the aged Puro tsipouro, few were lucky enough to try it as the production is still small and is absorbed mainly in the producer's hotel in Karditsa. We have provided a few bottles for anyone who manages to feel the impressive aromas of honey, flowers, orange peel, tobacco and c..
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Many have heard of the aged distillate "Puro", but only few had the chance to try it out since the production is still small and is mainly absorbed at the producer hotel in Karditsa. We managed to get a few bottles. Whoever has the chance to try it, he/she will feel the impressive aromas of honey, f..
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