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New labels and discoveries that we have tried and believe are worth choosing. Our product list is continuously updated and new arrivals are presented to you in chronological order. That way, you can immediately be informed and get new vintages of existing labels, brand new labels, recent discoveries that we think you 'll like but, also, new products that have been carefully selected for you by the team of Greece and Grapes. Worth to try!


Wine for the Greece and Grapes team is part of everyday life. We research, taste, select and suggest wines, spirits and everything else that we would serve in our own glass, based on their quality and uniqueness. Although all our products are carefully selected, the recommended ones are the ones that have, in our opinion, something a little different and special, that we believe cover a wide range of tastes and are worth trying. You only have to enjoy the experience, that's only a few clicks away from your door!
On our website you will find a wide variety of spirits from around the world, which include branded Greek labels, aged, tsipouro, ouzo, tsikoudia, liqueur, as well as international spirits, like whiskey, rum, tequila, gin, vodka, mescal, grappa and much more. All you have to do is select the bottles you wish to obtain and leave it to us to ship them safely to any destination in Greece or abroad.


21 Sep Sparkling Wines: Just for celebration or is there more? | Stavros Moustakas Oktapodas DipWSET
Greece and Grapes 0 467
Images of joy, celebration and rewarding achievements! Yet, this is the first image that marketing has given us about sparkling wines. Is that it? Or do these wines have the right to boast about their complex and unique characteristics, as well as gr..
29 Jun The Wine Quality Factors
Greece and Grapes 0 1009
What does the term "quality wine" really mean? What ranks one bottle higher than another and possibly increases it's price?Let's start with a given acceptance: Good wine is the one we just like and enjoy drinking, whether it is cheap or costs a small..
01 Jun Ouzo & Tsipouro: The Greek Spirits of Joy
Yiannis 0 39515
An introduction to Greek Ouzo, Tsipouro & TsikoudiaOuzo vs Tsipoouro, Tsipouro vs Ouzo. We are often asked what the difference is between these two (somewhat) similar Greek spirits. Ouzo and Tsipouro are found on most tables in Greece especially i..
17 May Greek White Wine Varietals
konstantinos 0 24104
Wine making in Greece has an amazingly long history (right back to the beginning of recorded history in fact!) and it follows that there are many white wine grape types indigenous to Greece.While some international grape varietals (particularly C..