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New labels and discoveries that we have tried and believe are worth choosing. Our product list is continuously updated and new wines are presented to you in chronological order. That way, you can immediately be informed and get new vintages of existing labels, brand new labels and recent discoveries that we think you will like. All wines in our e-shop have been carefully selected for you by the team of Greece and Grapes and they are all worth a try!


Wine for the Greece and Grapes team is part of everyday life. We research, taste, select and suggest wines, spirits and everything else that we would serve in our own glass, based on their quality and uniqueness. Although all our products are carefully selected, the recommended ones are the ones that have, in our opinion, something a little different and special. Greek wines that we believe cover a wide range of tastes and are worth trying. You only have to enjoy the experience, that's only a few clicks away from your door!
On our website you will find a wide variety of spirits from around the world, which include branded Greek labels, aged, tsipouro, ouzo, tsikoudia, liqueur, as well as international spirits, like whiskey, rum, tequila, gin, vodka, mescal, grappa and much more. All you have to do is select the bottles you wish to obtain and leave it to us to ship them safely to any destination in Greece or abroad.


15 Sep The right glassware and their importance in wine: Necessity or show-off?                                 |moustakas-oktapodas-dipwset
Greece and Grapes 0 2577
The right glassware and their importance in wine: Necessity or show-off?In a world where size and shape matters, glassware should be in the top of  this list. It is not a luxury, it is not a show-off, it is simply wine culture to seek the  maximum po..
09 Jun Barrel and oak importance in wine: Necessity or exaggeration?                  |moustakas-oktapodas-dipwset
Greece and Grapes 0 1262
Barrel and oak importance in wine: Necessity or exaggeration?Looking back on the writer's early days as a budding wine lover, I remember the atmosphere in the discussions and writing at the time, promoting the use of casks in wine as a necessity to u..
07 Apr What wines will you try during Easter? | Stavros Moustakas Oktapodas DipWSET
Greece and Grapes 0 1625
What wines will you try during Easter? Should you go classic or unconventional? Easter Sunday, a day of celebration and the festive end of fasting.Traditionally, in one way or another, (almost) everyone will eat mageiritsa, lamb, on the spit, in ..
15 Mar New distinction for a Greek wine.
Greece and Grapes 0 1293
New distinction for a Greek wine.   Domaine Gerovassiliou Syrah 2021 took part in the competition Syrah Du Monde and was included in the 10 best Syrah in the world!The judging panel blindly tasted more than 260 wines from 23 countries and selec..