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Mega Spileo Orange 2016 -19%
Orange by Mega Spileo comes from Roditis and Malvazia grapes, from mountainous vineyards at an altit..
39.60€ 32.00€
Ex Tax: 25.81€
Parparoussis Limited Edition 2016
RP '12
On the occasion of completing its 45 years, the historic Parparoussi Estate -always a pioneer in Gre..
27.30€ 26.90€
Ex Tax: 21.69€
An idea that seemed crazy and was definitely extremely risky (remember that the first year only 3 bo..
Ex Tax: 184.68€
Nemea Old Vines is an ultra premium 100% Agiorgitiko by Mitravelas winery, from 2 very oldvineyards ..
46.40€ 44.80€
Ex Tax: 36.13€
T-OINOS Clos Stegasta Assyrtiko 2019
JR '15
T-OINOS is a vision and madness at the same time. With its heart pounding in a terroir full of scatt..
Ex Tax: 45.89€
Antonis Argyros in Exo Gonia Santorini and in the wonderful Art Space Winery, creates wines that dem..
Ex Tax: 23.79€
Dougos Methistanes 2006
RP '10
Thanos and Louisa Dougos did us a favor by giving a few bottles of this excellent wine that can only..
Ex Tax: 25.65€
Christos Zafeirakis does not stop looking for the limits of the variety in which he has put his name..
28.50€ 27.40€
Ex Tax: 22.10€
Diamantakos Naoussa 2018
RP '13
JR '13
Light crimson color, clear with brown highlights. Rustic nose, with a lively sense of tomato and van..
19.20€ 18.80€
Ex Tax: 15.16€
From Piedmont, Italy, Barbera lands in Halkidiki and from there in our glasses! Grigoriadis Wines ad..
Ex Tax: 10.16€
Methymneos Orange 2019
JR '16
Characteristic amber color, with medium intensity aromas, where particularly citrus scents such as c..
14.90€ 14.40€
Ex Tax: 11.61€
Estate Mega Spileo Red 2014
RP '13
D '12
Gold (95)
Solid red color, robust aromas of ripe red fruit, wood, coffee and roasted almonds. Moderate volume ..
18.60€ 17.70€
Ex Tax: 14.27€
Thymiopoulos Naoussa Alta 2018 New
It is truly admirable how Thymiopoulos manages to give his Naoussa such precise balance, delicacy an..
14.00€ 13.70€
Ex Tax: 11.05€
Kir Yianni Naoussa 2017 New
For Kir Yianni's Naoussa the winemaker selects vineyards of the estate and wider of the zone of Naou..
9.90€ 9.70€
Ex Tax: 7.82€
Gaia Thalassitis 2019 Magnum
RP '16
D '16
Silver (90)
Pale yellow color with hints of lemon, iodine aromas, citrus, butter and mineral notes, both on the ..
55.70€ 53.80€
Ex Tax: 43.39€
Oenops Limniona 2017 Magnum New
Οne of the three single varietal wines from Oenops Wines and talented Nikos Karatzas, the Limniona w..
38.40€ 37.70€
Ex Tax: 30.40€
Pavlidis Emphasis Tempranillo 2015 Magnum
RP '10
D '12
Dense red color, sweet fruity aromas on the nose, and savory spices, vanilla, coffee and herbs scent..
42.80€ 41.90€
Ex Tax: 33.79€
Kaniaris Dreamcatcher Syrah 2016 New
Deep purple color in the glass. The nose is rich and intense, with aromas of red fruit, dried plum, ..
5.90€ 5.70€
Ex Tax: 4.60€

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