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Apostolos Mountrichas takes another variety of Rhone and succeeds exceptionally. The color is clear yellow-green with some greenish highlights. The nose is expressive with intensity and aromas of apricot, peach, green apple, citrus peels, with notes of vanilla and nuts to follow. The mouthfeel is fu..
14.60€ 14.90€
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Avantis Estate Lenga 2020
RP '18
D '19
Silver (91)
Cool, well-made wine with bright color, aromas of caramel, acacia flowers, apple geranium, mint, ginger and ripe yellow fruits. Aromatic and greasy mouthfeel, with balanced acidity and pronounced but a pleasant sweetness...
11.40€ 11.80€
Ex Tax:9.19€
Tetramythos winery dynamic entrance in the field of natural organic wines is quite impressive. In the glass we find a moderate lemon color with golden highlights. In the nose there is complexity, with aromas of white fleshed and citrus fruits to flood the senses, white flowers follow, with notes of ..
12.00€ 14.90€
Ex Tax:9.68€
Tselepos Marmarias 2019
RP '12
D '15
-7 %
Bright yellow color, bold barrel scent on the nose with traces of apricot, bubblegum and dried flowers. Peppery mouth-feel where tannins highlight strongly the presence of barrel sense. It has a good acidity and fairly fruity character with a sweet finish...
16.26€ 17.40€
Ex Tax:13.11€
Gerovassiliou Viognier 2019
RP '16
JR '16
D '18
Gold (95)
Light golden color, especially aromatic wine with intense pear, freshly cut grass and pineapple taste. Highly filled mouth, with a beautiful balance, where a crispy acidity succeeds the sweetness and all this in an aromatic background where the barrel is co-starring...
18.91€ 19.21€
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Milea Chardonnay 2019
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Brand: Milea Winery
An exquisite wine, yellow-blonde in appearance with green highlights. A bouquet of lemon and pineapple is found in the aromas, with the floral character following. Pleasantly aggressive on the palate, full, quite oily, with good acidity that provides freshness and leads to a long aftertaste...
14.40€ 14.90€
Ex Tax:11.61€
Skouras Viognier Eclectique 2019
RP '18
Pale lemon color and expressive nose with strong aromas of peach, pear and citrus and notes of honeysuckle and vanilla. Dry mouth sense with moderate acidity and characteristic aromas of tropical fruits, melon, lime and smoke with a long lasting and refreshing aftertaste...
24.90€ 26.00€
Ex Tax:20.08€
Vivid golden color, aromas of white flowers, marzipan, butter caramel, pineapple and banana. Well-structured, rich mouth, with a perceptible sweetness, well balancing, holding on into a long aftertaste...
10.50€ 10.90€
Ex Tax:8.47€
Golden yellow color with green, pleasant hues. Ripe aromas with a clear barrel taste. Scents of vanilla, apricot compote, ripe mango and melon, honey and distinctive flowers on the nose. Medium-body mouth feel, not a quite lively acidity which gives the sensation of oiliness. Both taste and aftertas..
17.60€ 18.00€
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Avantis Winery Afoura 2018
RP '18
D '17
Silver (91)
Out Of Stock
One more top quality Santorini which comes from the famous Avantis estate at Evoia, which has been very active in Santorini the last years. The name of the wine has a reference to the large wooden casks of 1.000 liters, traditionally used in Santorini during wine making. The result is a wine with co..
35.90€ 37.20€
Ex Tax:28.95€
Shiny gold color, complex aromatic character with a strong presence of citrus, apricot jam, honey, herbs, hazelnut and vanilla. Rich and oily mouth sense with great personality and mineral notes.  Great aftertaste with aromas of fresh fruit and flowers...
21.80€ 24.20€
Ex Tax:17.58€
Katogi Averoff Alba di Munte 2019
RP '14
Bright light yellow color. Charming nose with intense aromas of white fruit, flowers and herbs. The mouth is rich with pleasant acidity and intense aftertaste..
18.90€ 19.80€
Ex Tax:15.24€
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