Greek Rose Wines

Greek Rose Wines
In recent years rosé wines have conquered a significant market share, as they are pleasantly drunk with a large number of daily meals or on their own as an aperitif. More and more Greek producers are experimenting and creating some great, high quality rosé wines. At Greece and Grapes we are proud to have a complete selection of award winning Greek Rosé wines to suit every taste at truly unbeatable prices. With our new reduced shipping charges for the UK, Europe and selected states in the US and our exclusive mixed bottle cases it is easy to sample a variety of the amazing rose wines currently being produced in Greece!
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Ktima Biblia Chora Rosé 2019
RP '15
D '16
Bronze (87)

Ktima Biblia Chora Rosé 2019

Rich cherry color and expressive nose, with aromas of fresh blueberry, cherry and strawberry, sweet and sour cherry, caramel, rose and herbal scents. Mouth with nice acidity, very fruity and floral wi..

12.30€ 12.00€Ex Tax: 9.68€

Lalikos Varieté 2019

Salmon pink color, semidry, with aromas of red fruit and flowers, balanced sweetness and flavor freshness. ..

8.40€Ex Tax: 6.77€

Migas Muscat Tyrnavou Rosé 2019

Bright pink color. Explosive fruit aromas with a sweet rose tint at the end. Rich mouthsense with a pleasant and refreshing aftertaste. ..

7.70€ 7.50€Ex Tax: 6.05€

Vatistas Rosé

Maria Vatista has created a wine full of depth, intensity and complexity, by three rare indigenous varieties. Cultivating since 1986 in privately owned vineyards in Monemvasia, she's the second genera..

8.50€ 8.40€Ex Tax: 6.77€

Costa Lazaridi Merlot Rosé 2019

Delicious, pale salmon color in the style of the cotes de Provence wines. Nose full of floral aromas, with notes of citrus and freshly cut summer fruit. Full mouth feel with quite good acidity that st..

14.30€ 13.90€Ex Tax: 11.21€

Thymiopoulos Rosé de Xinomavro 2018
RP '12

Thymiopoulos Rosé de Xinomavro 2018

Light bright pink (salmon) color. Complex nose, with typical aromas of small red fruits, cornel, wild strawberry, cherry, raspberry, vanilla. Full mouthfeel, with round tannins and balanced acidity. L..

12.20€ 11.90€Ex Tax: 9.60€

Kir Yianni Paranga Flowers 2018

Bright pink color with aromas of strawberry, tomatoes and berries on a background of sweet spices. Light mouthsense where the acidity is balanced with the subtle sweetness, giving a harmonious finish...

7.30€ 7.20€Ex Tax: 5.81€

Avantis Estate Lenga Pink 2019

The new rosé wine of Avantis Estate comes stylically between the classic rose Aventis and the Plagies Gerakion with an almost sensual blend of Mavrokoundoura and the fragrant Gewurztraminer.Mavrokound..

11.80€ 11.50€Ex Tax: 9.27€

Kourtis Eos 2018

Wine produced from the vinification of red varieties Xinomavro and Syrah. It has a balanced flavor, where strong aromas of small red fruits, cherry, strawberry and raspberry appear. With a unique volu..

9.50€ 9.30€Ex Tax: 7.50€

Chrisostomou Mousaios Rosé 2018

Chrisostomou winery excels at blending local varieties, in the perfect terroir, using the knowledge of the generations before them. Here, the varieties Xinomavro and Limniona, same as the Red Mousaios..

11.20€Ex Tax: 9.03€

Dourakis Faros Rosé

Delicious medium-sweet rose wine with a fruity character on the nose and the palate. The grape variety Grenache Rouge has successfully adapted to the warm climate of Crete and has an impress..

7.10€ 6.90€Ex Tax: 5.56€

Olympia Land Estate Artemis 2018

Full of juicy red fruit aromas, such as strawberries and citrus fruits, it perfectly combines its medium to greasy body with moderate acidity and the cherry notes, leaving a medium aftertaste. ..

9.00€Ex Tax: 7.26€

Tselepos Gris de Nuit 2018

Elegant and charming, the Tselepos Gris de Nuit Rose is produced from exotic pink-skinned Moschofilero grapes. It has a gentle, salmon color obtained by a few hours maceration.Intense aromas, includin..

11.80€ 11.40€Ex Tax: 9.19€

Manousakis Nostos Pink 2018

Bright pink colour with fresh, peppery flavor, beautiful acidity, vibrancy and durability. Beides the high alcohol and subtle, but quite substantial for a rose wine, tannins, we understand that this r..

10.90€Ex Tax: 8.79€

Estate Theopetra Xinomavro Rosé 2018
RP '16
D '15
Out Of Stock

Estate Theopetra Xinomavro Rosé 2018

Organic cultivation of the vineyards in Meteora offers a summer rosé wine from the Theopetra Estate. The fermentation is done in stainless tanks and remains with its lees for 40 days.Single varietal X..

12.40€ 12.20€Ex Tax: 9.84€

La Tour Melas Silphium 2018

The new creation of La Tour Melas is called Silphium. Following the enormous success of Idylle d' Achinos, Cyrus Melas is back with a premium rosé wine of limited production.Bright salmon color, balan..

59.60€Ex Tax: 48.06€

Palivos Vissinokipos 2018
RP '14

Palivos Vissinokipos 2018

Deep crimson color, with strong candy aromas that bring in mind ripe summer fruits scents such as those of cherry, plum and yellow peach. Robust, tannic mouth feel, with an extremely refreshing acidit..

10.20€ 9.90€Ex Tax: 7.98€

Athanasiou Principessa Rosa 2018

Dry rosé Agiorgitiko, full of vitality, nerve and fruity character from the rising Athanasiou winery in Nemea. Vinification that highlights the aromatic profile of the variety, creating a pleasant and..

8.10€Ex Tax: 6.53€

Dougos XS Rosé 2018

A cool, favorite and easy-to-drink wine for all occasions. It has dark pink color and intense aromas of fresh strawberry and rose. The mouth is light and pleasant with good concentration. ..

9.40€ 9.20€Ex Tax: 7.42€

Biblia Chora Biblinos Rosé 2018 Magnum
RP '15
Out Of Stock

Biblia Chora Biblinos Rosé 2018 Magnum

Pale pink color with delicious orange highlights, subtle and delicate nose with mild notes of cherry, strawberry, bergamot and soft green tones of aromatic herbs. Fruity, delicious and delicate mouths..

34.70€ 33.90€Ex Tax: 27.34€

Oenogenesis Feggites Rosé 2018
RP '15

Oenogenesis Feggites Rosé 2018

Bright cherry color, elegant and aromatic nose, with sweet fruits and bubblegum scents. Mouth cool, with volume and pleasant, fruity aftertaste. ..

11.30€ 10.90€Ex Tax: 8.79€

La Tour Melas Nautilus Drink Pink 2018 Out Of Stock

La Tour Melas Nautilus Drink Pink 2018

The value for money addition to the Provence rosés, from the La Tour Melas winery. A charming and delightful wine label that urges us to drink rose wines anytime in the day. Blend of Grenache, Sy..

6.90€Ex Tax: 5.56€

Volacus Rosaki 2018 Out Of Stock

Volacus Rosaki 2018

Investing and discovering more on local varieties of Tinos was the main goal of producer Michalis Kontizas, when he bought a piece of land in Falatados, scattered with huge, imposing granitic rocks (i..

13.90€Ex Tax: 11.21€

Moropoulos Moschofilero Rosé 2018

A new interpretation of the Moschofilero grape, vinified as a rosé wine, from the upcoming Moropoulos winery. Matures for several months with the lees and has a production of only 15.000 bottlesA..

9.90€ 9.80€Ex Tax: 7.90€

Ieria (Priestess) 2018
RP '17

Ieria (Priestess) 2018

Sweet light gray-salmon color, intense roses and citrus aromas with hints of Grek loukoumi, lime and lemon blossoms. Moderate mouthfeel, refreshing acidity, with volume and long-lasting aftertaste. A ..

11.50€ 11.30€Ex Tax: 9.11€

Dreamcatcher Rosé 2018

Rose strawberry color, and nose with intense aromas of strawberry, tomato, flowers and orange zest. Equally aromatic and light mouthsense, with soft acidity and good balance. ..

5.00€ 4.90€Ex Tax: 3.95€

L' Esprit du Lac 2018 Out Of Stock

L' Esprit du Lac 2018

Esprit Du Lac (Spirit of Lake) is a modern and refreshing rose wine from Xinomavro grapes. It has a vibrant pink-to-salmon color, with a floral character on the nose that comes from the selection of y..

13.60€ 13.21€Ex Tax: 10.65€

Tomi Rosé 2018
D '16
Bronze (88)

Tomi Rosé 2018

The few recent vitrifications of rose wines from Moshofilero seem truly interesting. Although the variety is known for its white wines, its grayish color and winemakers extensive experiments gave very..

11.70€ 11.30€Ex Tax: 9.11€